Super Gain Plant Food Giveaway —Win Our Favorite Grow Supplement

Super Gain Plant FoodWin Super Gain Plant Food

Super Gain plant food supplement is a product we’ve been using for the last year. We totally dig it. For years we relied on SuperThrive and saw great results. But once we switched to Super Gain we noticed our plants had more vigor. They just grew faster and looked healthier. This led to bigger and better buds. Now we use this stuff in our garden exclusively.

Anyhow Super Gain is a magical concoction that delivers a lot of benefits to marijuana plants. We’re talking advantages like bigger more bountiful buds. SuperGain actually teaches your precious pot plants how to turn on or off certain characteristics to help it thrive. We’re talking things like salt tolerance if you live near an ocean or drought tolerance if you live somewhere dry or forget to water your plants.

Supergain“We’ve used the combination of patented products, done some extensive international research and combined this with decades of growing experience to design a product that can safely and effectively help you grow bigger, lusher, higher-yielding plants,” says Tom Scannell the owner and founder of Bougainvillea Growers International (BGI) Fertilizers.

Super Gain also boosts chlorophyll production and increases nutrient uptake. The stuff also promotes thicker and longer roots. You’ll also notice that your plants will recover faster from stress and have a greater resistance to disease, fungi and pests. The main reason we’re digging Super Gain is we’re sure it’s increased our yield. It’s not a ton more mass but we increased our yield by at least 25% using Super Gain over Superthrive. Plus our Chiesel smells better than ever. There just seems to be many more terpenes present in our pot now that we’ve switched to SuperGain.

How To Enter

Want to try Super Gain plant food in your own garden? We’ve teamed up with BGI fertilizers and are giving away two bottles to two lucky winners on JULY 1 at 4:20 West Coast Time. Enter today!
To enter all you have to do to is:
1. Like our Facebook and Instgram page
2. Leave a comment letting us know what you’re growing and why you’d like to try SuperGain.

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