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Our columnists Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy not only answer grow questions for they set us up with an autographed copy of their book The Kitchen presented by UptownGrowLab to kick down to a lucky stoner. We’ll pick a random winner at 4:20 pm West Coast time on Friday July 17. Must be 18-years-old to enter. USA residents, we’ll pay for shipping—if you live outside the US, shipping is on you, dude. Being that it’s a big-ass book, it’s probably gonna be expense, so be warned.


  • A copy of UpTownGrowLabs Presents The Kithen
  • A pack of King Size Stuff Stoners Like Rolling Papers
  • Stuff Stoners Like Stickers
The-Kitchen-presented-by-Uptowngrowlab book giveaway
The Kitchen is probably best-looking and the biggest weed book (we’re talking hella big—like over-sized, coffee-table-book big) that we’ve ever encountered

The Kitchen presented by UptownGrowLab is probably best-looking and the biggest weed book we’ve ever encountered. We’re talking hella big—like over-sized, coffee-table-book big. And it’s filled with beautiful bud shots, grow tips and tricks and a ton of personality. The book’s dubbed The Kitchen but it contains zero recipes. But it does include technical steps—from taking clones, to keeping vegetating plants alive, to curing your weed —there’s plenty of directions. There’s even instructions on rolling joints and blunts.

What makes The Kitchen one of our favorite reads is that it’s a story about two friends and their adventures growing weed—and because it’s written as a first person account you feel like you’re a part of their crew.

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19 Responses to “The Kitchen Grow Book Giveaway”

  1. Sammy

    I want to win this so I can gift it to my brother. He does so much for my family & I it would be amazing to gift this to him!! I know he’d love it!

  2. Jennifer Michelle

    I want to win this book because it would just be perfect for me. I would love to learn about all the different types of ganja, how to take care of the plants, and just everything that is involved with being a stoner. Weed is one of my favorite things and this would just be the cherry on top of the ice cream for me.

  3. Mikey Alcala

    I want and need this book because I have a friend in dire need of some help, and if I help him out, he can help me out….herbally! Haha! Plus I could use some more ganja education 🙂

  4. greendragonism

    I likey you …you likey me…more education about getting the best benefits of ganja is always a good thing…thanks for the contest!

  5. June Ebinger


  6. Jason

    This would be awesome to win, didn’t you guys put on a contest like this before or was I just high hahaha. Anyways, I would love too win this awesome BIG BOOK of goodies and just be in ahhh with all the great pictures and tips on how too grow and other StuffStonersLike. Well may the luckiest stoner or pothead win 😀 PEACE!!

  7. Francisco

    Hi, I would love to win this epic book because in the near future I am going to be growing my own plants and I would like as much information for the growing, harvesting, and curing processes as possible in order to have happy healthy plants. I would also love to practice the recipes included in this book. Good luck to all who enter, Peace nd Trees !

  8. tracy tennant

    This tome would just b perfect for me and it would look the part on my coffee table ha ha;-) id love it!:-P

  9. angela

    I love carrying around big stoner books full of awesome pics…so could really use this for that…awesome!!!

  10. Jason

    Please pick me I don’t have any grow books

  11. Jade


  12. Dan

    I would love the book…I am a grower and love to research new strains to take on…I love it

  13. Silent X

    I meet people in the industry ALL the time. It’s my business. I still want to learn as much as I possibly can, and share with as many people as I can.

  14. Faith

    I really need this book 2 educate myself on all aspects of green, it wud b like my bible n b needed just as much! Pls b mee im a much needing wanabee grower for myself, thanx, health n happiness fxx

  15. CJ

    I would love to win this book been for the legalization of weed since day 1. Love this account and think I could learn a lot by acquiring this book!

  16. CJ

    I would love to win this book been for the legalization of weed since day one! Love this account and think I could learn a lot by acquiring this book, such as growing. If I won this book I would use this new knowledge to make my grow better as well!

  17. Jim Kimes

    Would love to win the book if for no other reason than to say I finally won something!

  18. Vanessa s

    I am moving to California soon and I smoke a lot. I would love to learn about it more and it would be great to have a great “Welcome to California” homewarming gift!!

  19. Dyson

    So many people would love to grow their own food but are limited for space and time. This book shows how with a single pot and a handful of plants you can grow a beautiful container of plants but then harvest and use them in the kitchen too.

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