Kosher Tangie Strain Review

TangieName: Kosher Tangie
Review By: Mat Lee
Score: 9/10
Farm: Herban Tribe, Eugene Oregon
Dispensary: Terpene Station, 645 River Road #3, Eugene Oregon, 97404
Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Content: 19.7% THC
Harvest Date: 9-15-17
Tested By: MRX Labs
Genetics: Kosher Kush X Tangie
TangieAppearance and Feels: The calyx of this Kosher Tangie has a nice mix of dark and light green on it, with an insane amount of trichomes on it. The pistils are a darker shade of brown. The buds are fairly dense with a nice spongy sticky feel to them.
Smell: Holy fucking shit, the smell of this Kosher Tangie is insane. I probably say that a lot, but the terpene profile on Tangie in general has always been one of my favorites, and every time you open the jar of this shit, it instantly fills the room with sweet skunky citrus and tangerine orange smells. It’s so strong, I’m completely in love.
TangieFlavor: Just like it motherfucking smells. This shit is so good. It’s all super sweet orange and citrus the whole way through with that skunky finish that tingles the nose hairs and almost makes you want to sneeze.
High: With a cannabinoid content of just under 20% and one of the more phenomenal terpene profiles I’ve smelled in a while, this Kosher Tangie gives you a nice, thorough buzz that’s both uplifting and creative as well as relaxing and euphoric. At least for me, the Tangie strains have always been a happy smoke.
TangieOverall: This Kosher Tangie I got from the Terpene Station has it all. A fantastic taste and smell, as well as a great look and feel. Whoever does the ordering over there at the Terpene Station definitely found a winner with the Kosher Tangie. I hope they have it in stock, because it’ll be something I add to my purchase each and every time I’m there. The Kosher Tangie grown by Herban Tribe is definitely stuff stoners like.

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