The Volcano Vaporizer Review

Volcano Vaporizer Another fantastic vaporizer from Storz and Bickel, the Volcano Vaporizer, has been on the market for a fair few years and with good reason. Not only do they manufacture top quality vaporizers, but this is a name that is synonymous with the quality people look for in the best desktop vaporizer that you can buy.

The Volcano Vaporizer is a German manufactured product and Storz and Bickel are all about the quality and the durability of their creations. This is a great buy with group vaping use in mind and whilst the price tag might seem a little steep, you can expect the Volcano to give you plenty of value for money over a lengthy life span. Put simply; The Volcano is made to deliver the vaping experience you want and last for a very long time and our Volcano Vaporizer review below will explain why and how this works.

Size and Design

The Volcano vaporizer is a desktop unit so don’t expect a small package. This is one of the sturdiest units available and weighing in at around 1.8 kilos it is also one of the heaviest. Size wise it measures it at 18cm x 19cm X 1.98cm and has one of the biggest footprints you will find in a desktop vaporizer. Its diameter makes it very stable on any surface, which is great news as you would certainly feel it if it fell off!

Design-wise, the Volcano Vaporizer features a good-sized LED dual-temperature display screen where you can read any of your preset temperatures as well as the current operating temperature of the Volcano digital. It also features large buttons and a unique Easy Valve system. Whilst all of this makes it very easy to use it is worth remembering that purely because it is a much larger unit you will have to wait longer for it to heat up, around 3 to 5 minutes. However, the quality vapor that it produces is worth the wait.

Unlike handheld vaporizers the Volcano desktop vaporizer is a mains-operated unit, so there is no recharging time and no battery life to worry about.

Volcano VaporizerUnlike the Volcano Classic, this newer Volcano Digital model features an auto shutoff.

Maintenance-wise, this is an easy unit to take care of. The filling chamber is cleaned out with the provided brush and the screens need to be changed occasionally – Storz and Bickel even include a couple of extra screens to make this even easier for you.


The digital features of this device are more accurate than analog ones. There is only minimal discrepancy of around (± 2.7°F) which is great for those that want to keep an eye on their vape.

There is a much wider temperature range available with the Digital Volcano which allows extremely low temperatures around 104°F to be used efficiently. Regulating the temperature of the unit is easy as well allowing you to work out your desired temperature in a very short time.


If you are looking for a quality vaping unit for group vaping, then the Volcano has stood the test of time. Don’t let the price tag put you off, the durability of the unit and the quality of the vapour you can produce will more than repay your investment over time. The Volcano vaporizer is the desktop vaporizer that is worth its weight in gold.

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