The DipStick Dab Pen Vaporizer Review

The DipStick Vaporizer Review_Vape pens. Think you’ve seen ’em all? You haven’t, dude. Because we’ve got a dope new one to show off. In fact this thing is so innovative that it’s inspiring a completely new way to dab. It’s called The DipStick and it’s so ahead of the curve that it ain’t even a vape pen. It’s a futuristic dab pen. No it’s a vape straw. And it’s the world’s first and only portable vaporizer that doesn’t require any messy loading—just dip the stick in your favorite concentrate and start to vape.

What’s cool about this new dip and go vape method, aside from the convenience of not having to pack your vape pen every five fucking minutes—is that you’re treated to a fresh hit each and every time. Say goodbye to all that gunky, old, nasty concentrate in your vaporizer pen overpowering the delicate flavors of your concentrates and hello to a real dab pen. Another bonus? No need for sticky dabbers or all those other resin coated tools that you use.

The DipStick VaporizerThe DipStick dab pen allows you to inhale as much vapor as you’d like. See it in use HERE. The tip is made of medical-grade ceramic and only needs to touch the concentrate to begin to vape it. At the center is a nickel-plated chrome coil. The entire tip stays hot for about ten seconds allowing users to create some really big vapor clouds. Accessing reclaim is a snap with the included tool as well. Unscrew the unit and get to scraping. We also noticed that errl seems to collect on the tip after a bit of use. We use rolling papers to clean it off. Then of course we use those papers to roll a joint. Waste not, want not, right?

We dipped into the box and found that each unit comes with two batteries and a charger that can juice up two batteries at once, with an LED indicator for each battery. The DipStick dab pen also comes with two tips, instructions and a cleaning kit. Two glass concentrate jars are included as well. We really dig the unit’s cleverly designed magnetic cap. It’ll stick to the pen’s body. We lose shit all the time—this brilliant feature eliminates that worry. The cap’s not going to fall off in your pocket or your bag either. In fact everything seems magnetized, both caps, the cover to the battery compartment. Dope!

The DipStick Vaporizer
The DipStick vaporizer by Improve is definitely STUFF STONERS LIKE

The DipStick is made by a company called Improve and designed by glassblowers who’ve been involved in the industry for years. The device looks and feels sleek and sexy. It’s heavy enough to feel substantial but it won’t weigh you down and it comes with a lanyard so you can show it off around your neck. Rocking this dope dab pen feels like a must at all the upcoming summer cannabis events.

We hear that the guys from Improve are in talks with the dudes who created the famous Nectar Collector, a glass product where ya heat the end with a torch that works like the Dip Stick. They say that a Nectar Collector-branded DipStick will definitely happen. Stay tuned for that, but don’t wait to get your hands on your own DipStick vape pen because it’s most definitely Stuff Stoners Like. In fact it might be the best vaporizer we’ve tried yet. For more information visit and follow ’em on Instagram.

5 Responses to “The DipStick Dab Pen Vaporizer Review”

  1. Stacie

    Do the batteries come in any other color than blue? I purchased one of these for my husband on father’s day. The batteries are grey though. So i wanted to make sure i purchased the real deal and not a knockoff.

  2. Greg

    I purchased a spare set of batteries directly from the manufacturer and they were grey with the Improve name on them. So it’s the real deal

  3. D

    Worst vape ever…do not buy.

  4. Kat

    Why? Why is it the worst ever?! A review without a reason is worthless.

  5. Dipstick Fan

    I bought one of these for $69’s at and take mine with me everywhere. I am addicted to this thing! Nothing better than taking giant rips with ease while on the go!

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