The Rokin Stinger Dab Straw Review

The Rokin (rhymes with Tokin’) Stinger dab straw

Review by Thom Hunters—The Rokin (rhymes with Tokin’) Stinger  dab straw combines the ability to enjoy concentrates straight out of a glass jar without the need for any other type of heat source. It bears similarity to the Dip Devices but has features that the Dip Devices don’t offer which make for a superior feel and experience. 

A major benefit for me is that it includes a bubbler. I like my dabs cooled with some water and having this in a portable device makes this feel like something that may wind up in my permanent arsenal. IT is perfect if you’re looking to taste the terps without taking a massive dab, but don’t let the size fool you. If you want to take one to the head, it will do the job.  Stinger has four different voltage settings which are color coded. There’s also a pre-heat function that will get the ceramic tip nice and hot so the second you dip the tip into your wax, you’ll start getting some vapors right away. I like to run one cycle to warm it up before going in, which also prevents the tube from getting clogged with concentrates. 

Also included are a cap for the mouthpiece as well as for the heat element meaning you can put it in a bag and go without the risk of spilling your water. It also includes a brush for keeping it clean. I recommend clearing it out like you would with a larger rig after each use.  Finally, there is a wonderful silicon holder the allows you to  keep it upright on your desk. 

The device also sports very nice hand feel and is built quite sturdy. Considering its sub $100 price tag, kudos to the Rokin fam for putting a truly  beautiful device together.

Can you sting me? Right to my rotten bones.

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