Transplanting A Marijuana Plant

marijuana plant post transplantTransplanting a marijuana plant

In this video our buds from UptownGrowlab demonstrate how to transplant a marijuana plant from a 5 inch square pot into a one gallon container. The marijuana plant in the video is a MonkeyBoy Kush clone that was put into some soil from an Ez-Cloner four weeks previously.

Make sure you have everything you need within your reach before starting to transplant marijuana. That means:

  1. Plenty of potting soil (we are using Fox Farm Ocean Forest organic potting soil).
  2. 2. Mycorrhizae powder: This is very important. As stated on “Roots are a main source for providing food to any plant. Your plants roots absorb all the necessary elements to sustain all other plant development, such as stem, leaf, flower, and/or fruit. Mycorrhizae will help break down these elements into a form your plant can utilize. Micro-biology eating, digesting and breaking down everything so the plant can use it.”  Using Mycorrhizae is very important to a successful organic marijuana garden.
  3. Super Thrive (a B vitamin additive) to help your plants deal with the stress of transplanting.
  4. A bottle of distilled or spring water.
  5. A spray bottle filled with distilled or spring water.
marijuana plant roots
Transplant your marijuana plant before it gets root-bound

I like to transplant a weed plant when the soil in the container is more dry than wet. I find it makes it easier and less messy to get the plant out of the pot. Try wet and dry and see which works best for you. Prepare the container your marijuana plant is going to be placed in, by putting about an inch of potting soil on the bottom and layering some mycorrhizae on top of it.

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Massage the sides of the old container with the marijuana plant in it, using your fingers to push through the holes in the bottom of the pot to separate the plant’s roots from the sides and bottom of the container.  Turn the container upside down and continue to massage the sides and bottom. Always have the marijuana plant’s stem between your fingers so the plant does not drop, head (top) first, onto whatever is below it, like it does in the video.
Once the marijuana plant is out of her container, spray the sides of the plant with water and then sprinkle more mycorrhizae power on the sides, particularly on visible roots.

marijuana plant
This marijuana plant has some healthy roots

Place the marijuana plant in the new container and fill it with more potting soil, gently tamping the soil down, not too tightly, but firmly. We do this because after your first watering, the soil will settle lower in the container. Now that you have successfully moved the marijuana plant, you will add the recommended dose of Super Thrive to your water (a quarter teaspoon per gallon in this case) shake it thoroughly, both in the bottle and after you mix it  in water. Use a watering container to distribute the water evenly over the surface of the soil. Cover the top of the soil with water once and stop. Wait for 30 seconds or a minute to let the water seep down through the soil and then repeat. The objective here is to get all the soil in the container wet so you do not develop dry spaces in the pot which impede root growth and nutrient uptake in the future.

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Put the newly transplanted marijuana plant back under your lights and enjoy your accomplishment! Good luck growing your marijuana plants. Have any questions about marijuana plants or how to grow them? Get in touch using the contact tab above. We hope you enjoy the show and please subscribe!

All of our love from The Kitchen! Stay lifted, Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy

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