Utillian 720 Vaporizer Review

portable vaporizer reviewUtillian 720 Portable Vaporizer: sleek, elegant and smooth

The Utillian 720 is a sleek vaporizer and a great alternative to ingesting your pot via combustion methods. Vaporizers don’t need to burn your pot to get you high and this can make vaporizing a completely alien method to Stoners long accustomed to combustion via trusty pipes and expertly-rolled joints. The Utillian 720 portable vaporizer offers great value for its investment and its minimalist aesthetic for its features and to getting you nice and high. While vaporizers tend to cost more upfront, they represent a worthwhile investment which yields many immediate and long-term investments.

So why should you own a vaporizer

Stoners have all kinds of ways they can get high. Instead of inhaling smoke, you can rock a vape pen and inhale vapor and this alone makes getting high from a vaporizer a unique experience which is commonly described as “more gradual” than the high you get from combustion methods like pipes and joints.

When you vaporize pot, you heat its active ingredients, or cannabinoids, at lower temperatures. For reference, the temperature of a BIC lighter can reach 1,977° F. This is an exceedingly high temperature for pot, especially when you consider that it combusts at only 392°F, and begins to burn off and waste its active ingredients, or cannabinoids, at 350°F.

A vaporizer heats pot, making it psychoactive, within a convection chamber containing a heating element. At temperatures as low as 285°F, pot begins to vaporize its cannabinoids and the vapor it emits is remarkably smoother, more aromatic and more potent than combustion methods. A vaporizer spares the lungs from the smoke, ash and tar typically inhaled produced from combustion methods making a vaporizer a great alternative to inhaling from joints and pipes.

2 Unboxing the hella classy Utillian 720Vaporizing finely ground pot

Vaporizers work best with finely ground pot, so be sure you pick up a grinder if you don’t have one already. My favorite is the three-stage grinder which grinds and hold pot and contains an extra chamber for collecting kief. A great way to ensure the finest possible grind, load your pot into the lid of these contraptions and grind lid-side down. Since the lid of the grinder does not have holes, the pot is not immediately collected into the chamber and is more thoroughly ground by the grinder’s teeth. Finely grinding pot increases its surface area which allows for a thorough and consistent vaporization of the pot and improves the airflow of your draws through the mouthpiece.

Unboxing the Utillian weed vaporizer

Throughout my encounter with the Utillian 720, I was impressed by how smooth it was, right down the packaging. The product box is softly textured and gives its surface a luxurious smoothness. The product packaging is elegant and I loved its minimalist aesthetics. The contours of the Utillian 720 are highlighted in a stunning silver accent which highlights this vaporizer’s contoured and comfortable grip.
The silver outline on the Utillian 720 box-front is accompanied by a tasteful logo bearing wings. The sides of the box bear the Utillian 720 trademark of “function & form” and pervades even the product packaging which can be used to store and display the vaporizer. One can easily imagine the Utillian 720 on display amid a bustling department because its packaging rivals that of high-end products typically on display at the mall. The Utillian 720 product packaging is hella classy. Having slid the box open, let’s move on to the vaporizer itself!

Vape Battery LightUtillian 720 herbal vaporizer first look

Removing the box lid reveals instructions and beneath it, the Utillian 720. I took a moment to admire the vaporizer in its box. The front of the vaporizer bears the winged logo and name in silver. Its anodized aluminum finish gives is a tasteful matte black which feels as softly textured as it looks.
The Utillian 720 has an excellent build quality and invites you to touch and handle it. The Utillian 720 has excellent build quality and delivers on the product packaging’s promise of form & function by combining these qualities in its elegant design.  Although the mouthpiece is made of plastic, I was reassured by its sturdiness and quality. The plastic does not alter or affect the quality of the vapor and comfortably swings into position. The mouthpiece really grew on me.

I really like how discreet the Utillian 720 is. The predecessor to this vaporizer is the Utillian 650 which took on the shape of a flask. I am glad to see that the Utillian 720 was designed as an elegant object rather than simulating one. That is, the Utillian 720, can look like just about any black, hand-sized object and does it in a very stylish manner that does not pretend to resemble anything else.

Utillian 720 Portable Vaporizer: What’s included

Beneath the vaporizer, a small compartment inside the box houses additional parts and tools. Included comes a stainless-steel wax canister (for use with wax concentrates), two sets of O-rings and screens, one small brush,  one small wax tool, one pair of small tweezers, and a 2 ft USB cord for charging.

4 What else comes included with the Utillian 720Utillian 720 can vaporize herb or wax

The Utillian 720 works with ground pot or wax. This vaporizer comes with a stainless-steel wax canister (see above in green plastic baggie) which can be loaded with wax and dropped into the convection chamber. Since I did not have wax on hand, I will be focusing on its herb functionality. Still, the fact that I have the option to switch over to wax at anytime I’d like adds to the versatility of the Utillian 720.

Holding a high-quality vaporizer feels great, man.

The Utillian 720 feels excellent in the hand. From overhead, the device is shaped like a tear drop, and whatever your handedness, this shape lends a very natural and comfortable grip to this vaporizer. Since the Utillian 720 is ridged to from grips, it rests easily and securely in your hand. These ridges blend the grip seamlessly with the temperature indicator light which flashes softly through four semi-transparent ridges. This vaporizer has a magnetic cap which securely closes the device and houses the mouthpiece which swivels into action and stores away.
In its entirety, the Utillian 720 is about the dimensions of a juice carton, and when the mouthpiece is swiveled into its active position, it even begins to resemble one.

Quality Mouthpiece swivels into action

The mouthpiece of the Utillian 720 is made of hard plastic. Since the texture of the mouthpiece was significantly different than the rest of the device, I was taken aback by the difference in texture. Two hard ridges line the length of the mouthpiece and despite its material, the mouthpiece does not alter or affect the quality of your vape. I found that the swiveling mouthpiece really grew on me as part of its sleek and discreet design. Whenever needed, the mouthpiece can be easily removed and rinsed clean.

The mouthpiece is snapped into top cap where it is secured by a small washer. I was pleased to see how well constructed the mouthpiece was, which sits securely into place and does not jiggle. By gently pulling the mouthpiece, one can remove it from the device if one wishes to more thoroughly clean the chamber it sits over.

Once the mouthpiece is in this position, one can really appreciate the intuitive physical design of this vaporizer. The mouthpiece swings easily and smoothly into place and which allows it to be angled at different positions. When closed, the mouthpiece hangs just over the four strips of the temperature indicator light.

5 Holding a high-quality vaporizer feels great, man.Physical Interface: multi-function button

The Utillian 720 uses a single, multi-function button through which you can complete all operations. The brushed aluminum button is beveled and polished around its edges and is very handsome. The button clicks softly and is very responsive. Clicking the multi-function button five times turns the device on and off right away.
Since the multi-function button is located right beneath the index finger, one may be initially tempted to hold the button down prior to inhaling. Once the Utillian 720 has been heated to the desired temperature, no further operation is necessary and one simply inhales through the mouthpiece to inhale the vapor.

Visual interfaces: temperature indicator light

The Utillian 720 cycles seamlessly between settings and quickly turns on or off as needed. Once the Utillian 720 herb vaporizer has been clicked on, its temperature indicator light softly blinks green as the heating element preheats to the last-used temperature. Right out of the box, the Utillian 720 is set to the lowest temperature though it can be adjusted and customized at any time. This light changes depending on the settings you use. The color of the light indicates the vaporizer temperature: green (338°F/170°C), blue (356°F/180°C), purple (374°F/190°C) and red (410°F/210°C). You click the multi-function button twice to cycle through the different temperature settings.
The Utillian also features an enhanced mode which is activated by holding the multi-function button down for five seconds. The enhanced mode allows you increase the temperature of any available setting by (41°F/5°C). You know Utillian 720 is operating in enhanced mode when the temperature indicator light flashes rapidly. When the light-beat slows, the device is operating in standard operation.

Utillian 720 sits securely thanks to a magnetic top

The magnetic top sits securely over the Utillian 720. The magnet is strong enough to keep the device closed and there is no need to worry about knocking it off. One needs only gently lift the top cap to expose the cylindrical heating chamber.

Beneath the cap, there a metal screen secured beneath a blue O-ring is visible. The pot tends to get sucked against this screen from inside the convection chamber, so you’ll need to remember to brush it clear prior to each use. Just like with a pipe, keeping your screen clear ensure proper functioning and the best airflow.

11 final finalUtillian 720’s convection chamber is easy to load

The cylindrical heating chamber of the Utillian 720 does not require one to pack it full of weed, and in fact this is discouraged. Overfilling your convection chamber might reduce the vaporizers airflow and might hinder you from getting the best vapor from your “bowl.”
Remember to finely ground your pot before putting it in the convection chamber! Perhaps the best approach is to fill it half-way your first time and go from there. You can always increase the size of the next bowl until you get it right for you. A small lip within the cap hinges the top close and the magnet pulls it snapped shut. All that’s left is to turn it on and pull! You want to gently remind your friends that the vape is ready to rock so that they don’t accidentally change its settings.

Utillian 720 herb vaporizer: first pull

So I operated the Utillian 720 as it was out of the box and kept it at the green mode. The aromas emitted by the mouthpiece are incredible. Even before you take your first pull, the Utillian 720 treats you the excellent smell profiles of your pot. For my first bowl, I loaded Jack Frost, which is an especially fragrant and potent strain.

I’ve got to say that I was thoroughly impressed by the aromatics which the Utillian 720 pulled out of the Jack Frost. The first draw tastes incredible and really lets you appreciate the complex flavors of each strain. Vaping with the Utillian 720 allows you to enjoy much more of your experience with pot.

This vaporizer provides smooth draws of vapor which do not induce coughing. The smoothness of the vapor emitted add to the discreetness of this device because users may be less likely to go into coughing fits and attract unwanted attention. When I was ready to re-up, all that stood between me and the freshest vape inhalations, was five clicks and 60 seconds while the heating element preheats.

The Utillian 720 smells great and with proper use, it does not stink. I enjoyed that there was no stench of burning pot to emanating from the Utillian 720, so it fit in my pocket without making it reek. Since I tried the Utillian720 in green or blue mode, the pot did not get so hot that it combusted and smoked. Although the Utillian 720 allows for higher temperatures, its best to keep it on the lower temperatures. This ensures that the pot is being vaporized rather than burned off by higher temperatures.

lThe Utillian 720 is simple and easy to use

Cleaning out the convection chamber of the Utillian 720 is easy. Since the pot is not packed in there and toasted into airy flakes, the pot is easily disposed of. You might need to stick the tweezers in to dislodge the pot, otherwise, it pours out nicely. Whatever flecks are left within the convection chamber can be gently brushed out or blown out with a quick puff of air.
Since the Utillian 720 comes with a brush, you’re pretty well set for clearing out your heating chamber. You will need to periodically clean out the inside of the cap, beneath the mouthpiece which gets a little gunky with continued use. The Utillian 720 easily comes apart so that you can quickly rinse, clear and dry it out for your next vape session.

Vaporizer Battery life

The Utillian 720 features a battery life of 90 minutes which is more than enough for some quality vape sessions. Your battery usage will depend on your settings and with the right settings you can easily conserve the battery charge without worrying about sacrificing performance.  When the device is not in use for 5 minutes, it will automatically shut off, conserving your battery life and your pot.
A second light underneath the bottom of the Utillian 720 displays available battery life. I really enjoyed that the Utillian720 allowed me to assess its status at a glance. At green, the device is fully charged and changes color depending on the remaining battery life. The light changes to orange then red as the battery depletes and if the light flashes green and red when you turn it on, that means this vaporizer is due for a charge.

Generally speaking, you should charge vaporizers through USB ports or devices and outlets which are specially designed for charging e-cigarettes and other small batteries. If you charge your device to a wall outlet, you may risk shorting out the battery which will then need to be replaced. A USB charge might take a little longer but it prolongs the life of your device!

IMG_9026Utillian 720: Enjoying the high and final thoughts

The high provided by the Utillian 720 is excellent. This vaporizer hits smoothly without inducing coughs and allows me to enjoy an extra, culinary dimension of the vaporized pot. The Utillian 720 greatly sensitized me to the flavors and aromas of different pot strains by highlighting their flavors in ways that combustion cannot touch.
I opened this review by stating how impressed I was with how smooth this device is. Everything about it—the vapor, the exterior, the packaging—is silky smooth.  A consequence of the Utillian 720’s smoothness is that it allows users to be more smooth and discreet in their weed use. Since this vaporizer does not reek like a pipe or require you to burn anything, the Utillian 720 can be easily carried, operated and hidden without attracting attention.

With a single look, one is able to quickly ascertain its temperature and whether or not it needed a charge. For this reason, operating the Utillian 720 in the dark is quite a pleasure and greatly adds to its aesthetic value. The lights themselves shine bright enough to be visible during the day and communicates information unobtrusively. To add to the cool factor of this device, the battery status light shines a soft glow. In practice, what this means is that you don’t have to look directly at the bottom to assess its status and can instead use the cool glows that come off the Utillian 720 to see how it’s doing.

As far as the high goes, the Utillian 720 sets you down gently and lets you acclimate to and enjoy the high. Overall, I enjoyed my high with the vape and preferred it to the all-at-once kind of high you get from smoking a bowl. The Utillian 720 draws very smoothly and lets you enjoy the high without sending you into coughing fits which is a definite plus.

The Utillian 720 retails at $219 which represents a wise and stylish investment for the discerning Stoner. Due to the long term health and usage benefits, the Utillian 720 is a great addition to any stoner’s collection and would be a fantastic alternative to starting pot with a pipe or a joint. The Utillian 720 is sleek,` discreet, solidly built and provides a superior vaping experience. Check out vaporizera.com in the US or torontovaporizer.ca in Canada more info, man.

Are you considering purchasing or already own a Utillian 720? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Review By: Henry Cannabis Expert Calderón

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