Atmos Vaporizer Review

Atmos Vaporizer Atmos vape review

The Atmos vape pen looks like a light saber or something straight out of BattleStar Galactica. It’s serious, sleek and very stealth. In fact it’s one of the stealthiest vaporizers we’ve seen. Almost too stealth, man. It took us a minute to find the button to switch it on. Because of this the Atmos Raw Vaporizer is great for times like when your asshole friend picks up your pen to sneak a quick hit when you’re not looking. Because it’ll slow ‘em down. But a button that looks like an embossed logo is not so good when you’re stoned and want to get more stoned. Anyhow stylish the Atmos vaporizer is, we overheard Yoda say as he tried to sneak a toke.

Atmos Vaporizer
Here’s the Atmos Vaporizer mesh filter, ceramic filter, rubber mouthpiece, etc.

Atmos vaporizer parts lists

The Atmos vape pen starter kit comes with everything you need to get stoned except for cannabis. That includes a Lithium Ion battery, ceramic heating chamber, a small spring that keeps dry herbs in check. There’s also a mesh filter and a glass screen. And an included ceramic filter and rubber mouthpiece to keep bits of weed or concentrates out of your mouth. Inside the box we also found the typical cleaning brush, wall adapter, cordless USB Charger and a packing tool. Because there are a million vape pens for sale, depending on where you buy your Atmos vaporizer you can score a free:

  • Atmos Vaporizer Glass Herb Screen
  • Atmos Vaporizer Dry Herb Heating Chamber
  • Atmos Vaporizer Dry Herb Ceramic Filter
  • Atmos Vaporizer Leather Case
Atmos Vaporizer
Check out the big tank on the Atmos Vaporizer

Atmos vaporizer performance

According to the Atmos vaporizer guys this model Atmos vaporizer, the “Atmos rx dry herb vaporizer,” is intended for use with “dry herbs or waxy oils.” The ceramic heating chamber in this Atmos vaporizer will work with both flowers or concentrates. This means that it can function as a dry herb vaporizer or a wax pen. The dual use feature of the Atmos rx dry herb vaporizer is cool, but… We didn’t even try the it with dry herbs. That’s because we know already that devices like the Atmos raw vaporizer pen and similar vape pens from competing companies all char herbs. Drop delicate flowers on a hot surface and you’re going to get combustion. However, to help prevent combustion of herbs the Atmos vaporizer dudes created a “Herb Glass Screen” that sits between the herbs and the heating coil in the chamber of their vape pen. One wasn’t included in our vape starter kit. But that’s cool. Truth be told we never intended to tarnish this vapor pen with dead flowers anyhow. Trust us—don’t put dry herbs in this style Atmos vaporizer.

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Maybe there’s an Atmos dry herb vaporizer that’s made specifically for marijuana flowers—there are several Atmos vaporizer models available, but this Atmos Raw vaporizer is best at vaping other stuff. What’s that other stuff? Bubble hash. Full melt hash. Crumble. Wax, etc. The Atmos rx dry herb vaporizer transforms all that stuff into thick vapor quickly and easily. We even dropped some pull and snap into out test Atmos vaporizer and we were treated to nice big tasty clouds of vapor.

Atmos Vaporizer
The Atmos rx dry herb vaporizer is best used with anything but dry herbs

Atmos Raw overall

This Atmos vaporizer clocks in at just south of a hundred bucks. Many people say this thing’s the best vaporizer for wax and oil out there. Best vaporizer is so subjective. Although we really dig this thing. However, despite being named the “Atmos rx dry herb vaporizer” we wouldn’t recommend actually using this vape pen with dry herbs. Nope we recommend using this Atmos vaporizer with concentrates only. Consider it a wax pen, dude. Because, like we said there’s probably a certain Atmos dry herb vaporizer that rocks for vaping dry herbs. But if you get the Atmos raw vaporizer pen stick to concentrates and avoid the sticky icky.

Oh shit we almost forgot that this vape pen is available in a variety of vibrant colors—whew this killer Atmos vaporizer review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that. For more information visit:

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13 Responses to “Atmos Vaporizer Review”

  1. Ellen

    The worst piece of crap ever. The battery conks out after a few weeks. The “warranty” is bullshit because they charge you a replacement fee almost as much as the unit. Don’t waste your money!

  2. jzt999

    I hated mine. Straight out of the box, then fully charged, it crapped out in about 10 hits. Fuggedaboudit.

  3. Robert

    I agree with both reviews. We used it for 4 days and now it will not heat up. Talk with customer service and they will not give a refund or anything. Blame it on that it cannot be sent thru the mail because it is used

    Don’t buy this pen. Worst money I have spent

  4. Pidgeon

    I’m actually going to agree with the article on this one. I bought this pen a couple months back and am thoroughly satisfied. I wish the battery would last longer, but that’s my only complaint.

  5. Jalas P. Rod

    Let me guess. you guys got the unit home and tested it for all it was worth? right?I try to practice restraint when breaking in any new piece let alone something digital.

  6. Bert

    I’ve had my Atmos raw for a long time and after a couple bad heating chambers it just keeps on rockin. Inexpensive and quite dependable.

  7. SBV

    I recently purchased this vaporizer to smoke dry herb, after the first few times it did burn or char the herbs.But after a while i learned to take slow long drags and it works perfectly. I still need to try it with concentrates though.

  8. Bertdelusa

    I agree, after a couple of bad heating chambers my Atmos just keeps on rockin! Learn its idiosyncrasies and all is well.

  9. Dan

    Atmos does not stand behind their product or their customers. I’m throughly fed up with them.

  10. Curt Baker

    Atmos 5 yr warranty is worthless. my vicod5g mouthpieces broke after 60 days. After 90 something inside is rattling and recharging is compromised. They inside that i buy another one at a discounted price. At this rate I could have a few hundred dollars invested. Atmos simply does not make quality products or do they stand behind their products. Don’t waste your money.

  11. AYG

    I recently buy this pen. But my question is if i can use another oil cartridge not the one it comes with. Is there any piece that i can buy to make my oil cartridge fix my pen??

  12. Fancy Boi

    I got this and hated it at first but I recently tried it again and realized I was just using it wrong. It does char the dry herbs without the glass screen but they gave me one for free.

  13. Pumpkinfan

    Very disappointed with this brand… I bought this pen and a Q3… both lost the ability to maintain heat control and burned themselves out… and manufacture replacement, they sell you another at a discount

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