Vaporizers are Stuff Stoners Like

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Vaporizers rule. Why? Well vaporizers make getting stoned easier and healthier. And since the invention of the highly portable, discreet vape pen the weed vaporizer has revolutionized how stoners get stoned. Imagine if you took a hot tub time machine to 1987. You stumble upon a few stoners smoking a joint at a Beastie Boys gig and tell them that in your pocket you’ve got a vial of hella potent honey oil attached to a pen that’ll vaporize it. And all they’ve got to do is inhale. Put on some protective eye wear and clothing because when you pull that vape pen out you’re going to blow minds and get messy. Suffice to say the vape pen is a stoner’s dream come true.

Stoners like the vaporizer

Old school weed vaporizers like the Volcano are still pretty cool. Fond images of dudes hitting huge condom shaped bags of weed vape are what come to mind whenever we hear of ‘em. And the good ol’ box vape as well. But nowadays it’s all about the vape pen. In fact, the vape pen is the ultimate portable stoner device. It’s small, convenient, easy-to-use (in the workplace, the movie theater, the cereal aisle) is virtually odorless and packs a fuckin’ punch. Plus, like a joint, you can operate a vape pen single handedly. Bonus? You don’t even have to light it or worry about runs and shit.

better than a vaporizer pen
Many prefer the Maud Dib portable vaporizer over a vaporizer pen

Is vaping safe?

Vaping is safer than smoking. Seriously. Using a weed vaporizer is safer than smoking a joint. Sure. You don’t want a weed vaporizer that’s all cumbersome and needs to be plugged in to operate and shit. The answer? A vape pen, dude. Along with convenience and portability, a vape pen—like every good weed vaporizer—will get you stoned without any combustion. Now that’s safe.

Vape pen rising

Nowadays there are many vape pens on the market. You can get vaporizer pen built for use with dried herb or a vapor pen specifically built for concentrates. There are also portable vaporizers that take both. In fact we reviewed the Haze V3 that has two bowls and handles both dabs and flowers with equal ease. (We’re also offering as this week’s DOPE DEAL). There are also  other multi-use vapor pens on the market that come with interchangeable tips for concentrates, liquids and herbs. They’re typically bundled as a vape pen starter kit.davinci vaporizer

Best vaporizer?

What do we think is the best vaporizer? It really depends on what you’re looking for in a vape, man. What might be the best portable vaporizer for someone who carries a purse might not be the best portable vaporizer for someone who doesn’t. Feel us? So it really does come down to what you’re looking for in a vaporizer. What’s most important—big hits? Portability? Reliability? When buying a vaporizer you should also really consider what you intend to vape. Concentrates? Dry herbs? Both? In any case we recommend getting a device that’s purpose built for your intended medium. If you want to vape concentrates get a wax pen that’s designed to do just that. If you make your own dabs find one that’s heavy duty and long-lasting or just buy a bunch of cheap ones that you can swap out as they die. If you’re looking for convenience, portability or ease of use the best vape pen for that would be the O Pen style vaporizer. You know the ones that are basically a battery and a cartridge filled with a Co2 extraction. These type of vape pens don’t even have a button they’re so easy to use. Just inhale and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for the best vaporizer for flowers find a purpose built dry herb vaporizer. The smaller the herbal vaporizer the more likely it’ll burn your herbs rather than vape ’em so be careful. We haven’t seen a truly compact portable dry herb vaporizer pen that works well. The ones that do, like the Pax Vaporizer and the DaVinci Vaporizer, are a bit sizeable and they’re not really “pens”. But that doesn’t mean they’re not concealable.

Vape pens for sale

There are many vapes for sale so do your homework. Check out our info-packed Vape Pen 101 post to read all about vaporizers, get some vaporizer tips and trick as well as access our list of all the vaporizer reviews we’ve done. We have reviewed everything from the beginner vape pen starter kit, to cheap vape pens, to the cloud vape pen, to the chief, to the leading dry herb vaporizer pen. Looking for vape pens for sale? It also has a definitive list of every vape pen for sale on the market right now. If we’re missing any let us know in the comments below. Also let us know about your experience with vaporizers. Tell us about your fave weed vaporizer pen or wax pen? Or what you think is the best vape pen ever made—we wanna hear from you.

Have any favorite vaporizers? How about some tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments section below…

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