What is a Wax Vape and Oil Pen?

What is a Wax Vape and Oil PenVape pens are an easy and enjoyable way to enjoy concentrates. There are various types of dab pens and vape pens. When you make that investment, it is important to choose a vape pen that works best for your needs. Asses your favorite variation of the product; do you prefer oil, wax, or dry herb? You may have two favorites and want to get a vape pen that allows for multiple types of vaporization as well. Many types of pens exist with various options and function. Some can vaporize multiple concentrates, as long as you have the proper wax atomizer that you can connect to the pen. In general, however, there are some consistencies across the board for each vaporizer. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be comparing a vape pen that is set up to use with oil versus one that is set up to use with wax. The differences may help you in choosing which vaporizer will be a long-term companion.

What Are the Five Major Differences between Wax Pens and Oil Vapes?

  1. Product Consumed– The first and most obvious difference between the two vape pens is the concentrate that you are actually vaporizing. It is a perfect question to ask yourself on the journey for a vape pen. Which kind of concentrate do you want to vape? If you want to vaporize oil, you will need to buy an oil pen. On the flip side, if you want to vaporize wax, you need a wax pen or dab pen. While there are some pens that can vaporize multiple versions of concentrates, the best pens are the ones focused on vaping one product in quality fashion.
  2. Wax Coins vs Oil Chambers- Wax and oil are two very different products with different consistencies before they are vaporizing. One is a solid and the other a liquid. In vaporizing two different products, the two pens have different pieces in which the concentrate is stored for vaporization. Wax vapes have a coil that need to get changed after some time because it gets burnt out. Oil pens have pre-filled cartridges. These cartridges are one time use and get thrown away once depleted so that a new full one can be purchased. The pre-filled cartridges can be purchased and connected to the pen, then easily disconnected and tossed when empty. Some vaporizers are more complex and have atomizers that can be used with box mods and they work with oils and e liquids. These vaporizer pens last longer before any product refill is needed and instead of a one time use situation, will last over time before they need to get changed. The atomizers that are used with the box mods eventually burn out and need to be replaced the way wax coils do.vape pens
  3. Chamber Loading Process- In general, oil pens are a cleaner and easier chamber to load. Because the oil cartridges are available pre-filled, there is little residue or mess when screwing the cartridge on.   The cartridge goes from purchase container, to pen, and then garbage once it is done. Wax, on the other hand, can be messier. It requires a dab tool to load the wax inside, and you have to be gentle and precise, making sure to not overpack the chamber so that it does not spill over. Incorrect measurements lead to spillage as the wax melts, and that is not only a mess, but then you get less wax to vape. If you are careful, there won’t be a mess, but regardless, the process is different for both types of vaporizers.
  4. Vaping Temperatures- The temperatures needed for the two pens vary. To vaporize wax, you should be between 315-650 degrees F. The ideal wax temperature is between 420-550 degrees F. To vaporize oil, you want to be between 340-445 degrees F so as not to risk burning the oil. Some pens have temperatures that allow you to dictate what temperature you will vape, while others are more automatic.
  5. Maintenance- Wax can get sticky and messy, meaning the pen can as well. Leaving the pen sideways after using can cause the wax to flow and drip out. Wax vape chambers get replaced but can be maintained by scraping it away. Oil vapes have much less leakage because they are pre-filled, meaning there is generally much less of a mess. Plus, the mouth piece on wax vapes can get clogged up and need cleaning out. Because of the nature of oil being thinner than wax, that tends to not happen very often, leading to less maintenance necessities in general.

Dry Herb Vape PenWhat are the 5 Major Similarities Between Wax Pens and Oil Vapes

  1. Portability- Vaporizers were created to allows its consumers the easy access and portability for vaporizing. This goes across the board for both types of pens.
  2. Discreet- In the same sense as portability, vape pens are thin, small, and discreet. They can fit in pockets, purses, and fanny packs. It allows you to pull it out quickly and vape and put it right back in a singular smooth motion. All of this can happen under a minute, especially if the substance you’re vaporizing is a lower temperature and does not take as long to heat up.
  3. Easy to use- Vape pens are consumer friendly and easy to use. While each may be different in how they heat up-whether you need to press a button or just pull-both oil and wax vapes are easy to figure out how to use. The various temperatures needed as well as the functions may make your vaporizing a little bit more complex, but once you get used to your pen, as well as the product you are vaporizing, you will become a pro in no time at all. Any lingering questions in the world of vaporizing can also be answered by experts, articles, or sources such as us.
  4. Battery mah- While you probably expected us to say battery life, mah is the measurement of how much energy the battery can store. While it comes to vaping, herbs take up the most amount of energy in the least amount of time. Wax and oil are on more of a similar mah level. For both pens, the batteries start out simple with one setting, then can come with variable voltage options. Both wax and oil cartridges are used with box mods, which are high end vape batteries, as well.
  5. Temperature Control- When it comes to vaping dry herbs, temperature control was always important from the beginning because of the type of product and the way it needed to burn to vape. Wax vapes now are starting to get controls, but this was not as important to consumers until more recently. As the market changes to satisfy consumers and provide the best vaping experience possible, all types of vape pens are starting to have temperature control options so that you are able to reach the ideal vape temperature for vaping shatter out of a wax pen.

Having all of this information in front of you helps you decide which vaporizer to invest in so that it satisfies all of your needs. Whether you go oil or wax, it is important to know all the tips of the trade so that it lasts as long as possible in the best condition.

Wax vape penWax Pen Tips

  1. If it becomes tough to take a pull, consider cleaning the mouthpieces out to make the flow easier.
  2. Get a variable voltage vape pen to get the tastiest pulls, so that you can set that sweet temperature for your wax.
  3. Don’t leave the wax vape on its side after using. The wax will flow and get into mouthpiece and other parts, cutting the lifespan of your coil and pen and creating a mess.
  4. Store wax in freezer for easy loading, and don’t over pack or touch the coil or risk breaking it.

Oil Vape Tips

  1. Know the cartridge and battery you are using.  Is it skinny? What type? What kind of energy does it require? Too much energy flowing into a cartridge can burn it out either over time or immediately. You want to enjoy the oil as long as possible and in the best form as possible. If you burn out a fresh pre-filled long before it is done you will be disappointed.
  2. Use a box mod for maximum control and long-lasting quality.
  3. Consider buying the SteamCloud Mini oil vape. SteamCloud Mini fits skinny oil cartridges and boasts a 650 mah battery that will last all day. Plus, it is compatible with 510 threaded oil cartridges. It is a great option for those with the pre-filled, skinny, 510 oil cartridges. (This goes back to knowing the cartridge you have! It is key.)
  4. Lower the setting or give the coil a chance to cool down for a minute if your vapors seem harsh and hot.

Whichever you choose, happy vaping!

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