ZEUS Thunder 2 Vaporizer Pen Review

Zeus vape penZEUS Thunder 2 Vape Pen review

Like vaping wax? We do too, man. We’ve been turning our trim into tasty wax lately using our Source from ExtractCraft and going through vape pens and atomizers on the regular lately. One of the pens we’ve been rocking lately is the Zeus Thunder 2 the latest wax vape pen by the guys from Vaporizera.

Why Vape?

Sure stoners have many ways to smoke weed. But of all of those various methods perhaps the quickest and the most healthy way to get stoned is vaping. Instead of inhaling smoke, you can hit a vape pen and inhale vapor. This alone makes getting high from a vaporizer a unique experience—commonly described as “more gradual” than the high you get from combustion methods like pipes and joints.

Like we said using a vaporizer is also healthier than smoking weed. Vaporizers heat weed’s active ingredients aka cannabinoids at far lower temperatures than smoking sparing the lungs and throat from the smoke, ash and tar typically associated with combustion.

Some vaporizers use metal wires or coils, however most of the new devices nowadays, like the the Zeus uses a ceramic convection chamber emitting a remarkably smoother, more aromatic and more potent hit than yesteryear.

Unboxing the Zeus Thunder 2 Vaporizer

The Zeus Thunder 2 comes packaged in a cool li’l black box with some pretty dope screen printing. At first sight you can tell that this isn’t one of those typical cheap vape pens you see flooding the market right now. This vape is stylish—looking a bit like a lightsaber. It also feels pretty high quality and very sturdy. It features stylish glass and chrome and is nice and compact. A removable chrome mouthpiece is a nice added touch. And it’s rugged enough to toss in your pocket or purse. Just make sure you switch it off first.

zeus-vape-penZeus Thunder 2 vapor pen what’s included

Along with the vaporizer comes a dab tool, extra black o rings, a USB charger and a black silicone jar to house your wax.

Thunder 2 vape is simple and easy to use

One of the hallmarks of a good wax pen is simplicity. The Zeus is easy to pack and easy to use. Just pull off the cool glass sleeve and you’re able to access the ceramic convection chamber. The trick is not to overfill the chamber. The included metal screen that fits over the vape chamber is nice to help keep those little bits of wax out of your mouth while vaporizing.

The unit doesn’t have a way to control the temperature setting. You might be the type that likes to fondles knobs and dials and shit to get that temperature just right. However this one takes the simple approach with a single temperature setting adding to the ease of use factor for this portable vaporizer.

zeus-vaporizer-penZeus vape first pull

The first taste was fantastic. The Zeus handled our homemade Chiesel wax like a champ. The flavor of the product was pretty fucking nice. Well because we grew the herb and made the wax so we knew it was choice, but the Zeus heated it to perfection. We were able to taste the terpenes and still get a nice thick cloud of vapor. The next several pulls were just as flavorful and just as stoney. We then tested out the Zeus vape with some super tasty Strawberry Cough shatter. Talk about tasty, man.

Zeus vaporizer final thoughts

The Utillian Zeus retails at $89 which isn’t too cheap for a vape pen. But it’s well built and pretty damn stylish. If you’ve got a way to make your own wax this thing’s a pretty easy device to use to vape it and then stash in your pocket. It’s discreet built well and that’s definitely stuff stoners like. Check out vaporizera.com in the US or torontovaporizer.ca in Canada more info, man.

Are you considering purchasing or already own the Zeus Thunder 2 vape pen? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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