What Is Rainbow Kush?

What is Rainbow Kush

Cannabis or marijuana has different species, including Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Ruderalis, also known as Autoflowering, and Cannabis Hybrid or a combination of various species. 

Kush cannabis strains belong to Cannabis Hybrid with Indica-dominated features, making a user feel drowsy and relaxed. One strain of Cannabis Hybrid is Rainbow Kush. What’s Rainbow Kush? 

Here’s a review of the strain:

Rainbow Kush Genetics
The rainbow-like feel (relaxation), anti-stress, and anti-anxiety marijuana strain, Rainbow Kush, has an Indica to Sativa ratio of 85:15, making it a heavily Indica-dominant strain. This hybrid is commonly confused with a similarly named Rainbow cannabis strain. 

When it comes to the genetics or parent strain, Rainbow Kush is the result of crossing the Hindu Kush, a legendary Cannabis Indica, and Master Kush. If you wish to grow your own Rainbow Kush, the best seeds are available from Seed Supreme or any reputable online stores.

Distinguishing Qualities
Rainbow Kush is stunning and sticky to touch. So, what makes rainbow Kush unique and loved when it comes to appearance? 

Here are the qualities of Rainbow Kush:

  • Appearance: Rainbow Kush has distinctive colors of the rainbow. Hence, it’s named Rainbow Kush. The colors include fiery red, orange, bright yellow, and pink. This marijuana strain also has hints of green, blue, white, and purple. 

Rainbow Kush is a colorful cannabis strain, displaying the entire rainbow spectrum until its flowering stage. The nugs of this cannabis strain are greenish with beautiful purple tones.

  • Flavor: Rainbow Kush is most sought for its unique flavor, having a combination of pine, coffee (when you inhale it), and earthy flavors, as well as a spicy aftertaste. 
  • Aroma: This cannabis strain comes with fragrant aromas, such as a fruity sweetness, fresh coffee, and slight skunk.

Rainbow Kush Effects
Because Rainbow Kush has 18% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), hence it’s considered moderately potent. High-THC cannabis strains usually reach up to 28 percent THC and even higher. Unlike other Indica strains, users won’t experience a “couched locked” or “coma-like” state with a moderately potent strain. Thus, the effect of Rainbow Kush is relatively manageable compared to other strains.

Here are the following effects of Rainbow Kush in the body: 

  • Relaxing effect: Since it relaxes your mind and body, this marijuana strain mellows you down. 
  • Makes you sociable: With less impact on thought processing and communication, Rainbow Kush is a moderately potent Indica strain that makes you sociable. 
  • Increased Focused: Using this strain, you can also improve concentration at a higher level or increased focus on tasks that need a spark of creativity. 
  • Uplifting: Cannabis Sativa strains are known for their uplifting effects. Because of this, Rainbow Kush is a hybrid–has a combination of Indica (85%) and Sativa (15%), and its Sativa component brings uplifting effects, including euphoric high. 

So, overall, the effects of Rainbow Kush can be described as a calming mood-booster strain, giving happy vibes and followed by deep relaxation. 

  • Therapeutic Effects: Medical cannabis patients use Rainbow Kush to alleviate nausea, poor appetite, and chronic pain. It’s also effective in relieving anxiety, fatigue, and pain. 

Growing Rainbow Kush
When it comes to the growing difficulty, thankfully, Rainbow Kush is easy to cultivate as it can be grown outdoors or indoors. 

Most experienced cannabis growers use the Sea of Green (SOG) method to attain the best results, which involves trimming or pruning the leaves, ensuring maximum production of prominent buds. 

Also, growers force the budding or flowering stage earlier. Expect the flowering or budding stage as early as seven to nine weeks. Other cannabis strains have 12 weeks waiting period for the flowering stage. 

The best time to harvest this marijuana strain, when cultivated outdoors, in late September, or other growers prefer early October, giving an average yield of 26.5 ounces of buds per square meter. 

Here are some growing tips for Rainbow Kush: 

  • Use nutrient-rich fertilizer: To grow healthy, colorful, and beautiful, Rainbow Kush needs rich nutrients. The recommended fertilizers to use when growing this strain include feather meal, guano, natural potash, soft rock phosphate, steamed bone meal, and sea kelp. 
  • Enough spacing: Regardless if you choose to grow your Rainbow Kush plants indoors or outdoors, make sure to provide adequate space. This is because this strain has a medium height, reaching up to 150 centimeters when cultivated indoors and 180 centimeters when grown outdoors. 

Rainbow Kush is a colorful marijuana strain with heavy Indica features. The effects are a combination of relaxing and uplifting effects, with unique flavor and aroma of strong coffee, piney, and earthy qualities.

Growing Rainbow Kush is easy to moderate, giving a decent yield every time.

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