What to Get a Stoner in 2020

What to get a stoner in 2020

Most stoners have hobbies and interests besides marijuana — but when a gift-giving holiday rolls around, why not give them something related to their true passion? Now that marijuana is legal in various forms across the country, it is easier than ever to find beautiful, functional and fun paraphernalia to give your favorite stoner. What’s more, this year marks an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime event: April 2020, or 4/2020 — a stoner’s dream month. If you want your favorite stoner to celebrate in style, here are a few worthwhile gift ideas to consider today:

A New Strain

Stoners tend to be creatures of habit, buying the same products they know and love over and over again. However, just because your stoner hasn’t purchased anything but Blue Dream for the last 10 years doesn’t mean there isn’t another strain out there that will make them swoon. Now that regulations have relaxed on growing and breeding marijuana across the U.S., new strains are emerging like crazy. You might offer them some of the latest and greatest bud on the market — or you might give them something like the Blue Cheese strain, which has earned a positive reputation as a potent indica. Look into what kind of weed they typically enjoy, and try to get them something new in the same category.

A Fancy Lighter

If your stoner lights up — joints, pipes, bongs, etc. — they need a lighter. The industry standard is Zippo, which produces durable and beautiful lighters that fit comfortably in the hand and ignite easily and reliably. Even better, Zippos come in every style, so you can certainly find one that suits the stoner in your life.

However, if your stoner is high-tech, they might be pleased to receive a newfangled flameless lighter. Also called an e-lighter, these tools don’t ignite fuel; instead, they use an electric current to set the bud smoldering. Some e-lighters produce an arc of electricity, while others super-heat a piece of metal, like a car lighter. In either case, e-lighters are pretty slick.

A Designer Stash Can

Is your stoner still storing their bud in a mason jar — or worse, in a loosely closed plastic bag under their mattress? It’s 2020, and there are hundreds of better stash solutions that preserve marijuana’s freshness and makes the stash a decorative feature of a room. There are plenty of attractive containers marketed specifically for storing the good green, and some of them are cleverly disguised to look like innocuous objects, like a can of fruit cocktail or a round brush. However, if your stoner is loud and proud about their hobby you might offer them a weed container they can display, like this cookie jar–style container from Jonathan Adler. The truth is that a stoner can never have too many places to stash weed, so any good storage container is a good gift.

An Artsy Grinder

Non-stoners might be unfamiliar with the concept of a grinder, which isn’t the sexiest paraphernalia and thus isn’t often advertised in more mainstream weed culture. Grinders break up larger nugs of marijuana into smaller bits that are easier to pack into a bowl or rolling papers. A good grinder will save a stoner money by making the most of their nugs and buds. Most grinders look a bit like round Altoids tins, so you can increase your stoner’s grinding experience exponentially by gifting them a more attractive grinding device. This list from Esquire offers a few grinders that function beautifully and look cool, too.

An Activity 

Plenty of stoners like to get high and stare into space — but other stoners like to have something to do to focus their thoughts and actively enjoy the high. If your stoner resembles the latter, they might greatly appreciate having an activity to enjoy while they partake in their favorite hobby. Generally, you don’t want to give your stoner anything that is too mentally or physically demanding because marijuana does impair coordination, judgement and other faculties. Still, some activities your stoner might enjoy include:

  • A coloring book. There are adult-targeted coloring books with more complex patterns that might give your stoner outstanding visuals.
  • A puzzle or puzzle book. Larger, more complex jigsaw puzzles might be a bit too demanding, but smaller puzzles with fewer pieces could offer a relaxing task. Then again, there are other types of puzzles, like Sudoku, word jumbles and the like, that come in more portable booklets for the stoner on the go.
  • A board game. There are more than a few weed-related board games, to include Ganjaland, Lords of Cannabis and Stoner Fluxx

Marijuana can be a hobby as well as a lifestyle, and supporting your stoner’s interest will make you a good, close friend. The above gifts are intended to inspire you to give your stoner something special, to improve your bond and ensure your future relationship remains solid.

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