What to Look For In a Weed Scale

gram scaleWeed scales are Stuff Stoners Like

Weed scales are Stuff Stoners Like because they quickly and efficiently weigh bud. Thanks to a market awash in digital gram scales, there is no need to save up for one of those triple beam balance scales you used in High School science class to accurately measure your herb. You can find a variety of scales in grams choices at your local head shop to suit different needs.

Small scales for casual use

For casual stoners, a pocket scale might be a perfect choice. Purchasing a small gram scale is sufficient for measuring out smaller amounts of pot. Bonus? The little machine stashes easily away. However due to small capacity scales in grams may be limited to just one use and that’s as a weed scale. So forget about weighing your breakfast items.

Most digital gram scales will measure to a hundredth of a gram (0.01g) so buying anything more sensitive may drive up the cost of your gram scale without adding much extra benefit. The best scales for weed are ultimately the ones that best suit your need and your budget. That means stoners shouldn’t feel bad for choosing a cheaper weed scale. Function trumps fashion.

The metric system, weed and you

Having a small weed scale around is also a great way to get better acquainted with pot by measuring it. Since weed is measured and sold using the metric system, it might be useful for the discerning stoner to get acquainted with the International System of Units. Remember when you were learning to count with actual money consisting of old pennies, nickels and dimes? Just remember that you’re picking up this unfamiliar measurement system with actual weed! These sorts of mathematical-marijuana exercises are definitely Stuff Stoners Like.

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weed scaleLarge scales. Lots of uses.

If larger quantities are how you roll, then perhaps investing in a larger capacity gram scale would make better sense than opting for a smaller and cheaper one. When you get around to that proud moment when you unveil that monster joint the size of a small house, dropping this colossus onto a pocket scale with a maximum capacity of 100g, you may quickly find yourself in the market for a replacement. As you proudly display that gram scale that your joint broke that-one-time, you might consider investing in a medium to large sized gram scale. These handy machines are good for additional uses outside of pot-related applications.

For instance, stoners may find their marijuana scale among their most valued kitchen tools. Measuring foods by weight is a great way to bring the tastiness out of recipes, especially stuff like weed butter or marijuana candy, while adding speed and efficiency to your next bake. The digital gram scale allows for culinary stoners to get exact measurements the first time instead of carefully pouring out each cup measurement.

fucking incredibleQuick, efficient and secret measuring

Others may wish to have more fun with their measurements or be extra discreet. Small digital scales are available in the stealth variant which offers novelty and subterfuge through different designs which may or may not pass as the everyday and common objects they claim to be. “Whoa nothing is what it seems to be!” your friends might exclaim as they admire the CD case with a digital scale hidden inside of it. Weed scales are available in a variety of disguises such as flip phones and bar phones, computer mice and ash trays. Stoners may benefit from the added functionality of these contraptions which feature storage compartments along with the disguised gram scale.

Where to buy a scale

We’ve been asked where to buy a scale to weigh weed a few times. Grab one from the grocery store, man—is what we typically say. Just make sure it’s a gram scale and you’re good. You could always check Amazon too. Looks like the best digital scale on Amazon is the Ozeri Pronto Digital Scale. The 1byone Digital Scale seems pretty dope too. Both are cheap, effective and great for weighing weed.

Stuff Stoners Like? Weed Scales

There are many gram scales to choose from. Stoners can choose from pocket scales that they can quickly pull out, or CD scales with  the most ironic cover or a large kitchen weed scale—allowing ’em to switch from baking cake to getting baked with a precise amount of herb in an instant.   Suffice to say the weed scale is Stuff Stoners Like.

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