Win $420 on 4/20 Playing Daily Bonfire’s 420 Challenge

No thanks to the vicious Coronavirus stoners everywhere’ll be celebrating the High Holiday at home this year. The good news, however, is that thanks to the dudes at Daily Bonfire they can win $420 for doing what they were probably going to be doing anyhow—getting stoned on the couch.

Now through 4/19 aka the famous LSD holiday, Bicycle Day, there are five challenges stoners can enter to vie for instant cash:

1.) Best Strain Review: Enjoy your favorite strain and tell us about it. What do you like, what don’t you like? How does it taste? What effect does it have on you? Be creative, informative, and entertaining! (Time Limit: 60-90 seconds)

2.) Roll the Most Stylish Joint: Show your roll with this challenge to twist up the best-looking joint or blunt we’ve ever seen. Take us through it, step-by-step, to completion. Points for execution, final look, entertainment value, and creativity. (Time Limit: 3 minutes)

3.) Easiest DIY Canna Recipe: Edibles are the bomb and homemade munchies, the best. What’s your fave cannabis-infused recipe, and how do you pull it all together? Demo it for us from start to finish for a chance to win. Show us your culinary prowess and smarts! (Time Limit: 5 minutes)

4.) Craziest Homemade Bong: If you make it from an apple, you can make it from a squash. What’s the weirdest homemade bong you can wrangle? Points for safety, kookiness, and your bong’s ability to actually draw smoke. (Time Limit: 5 minutes)

5.) Talent Show: What’s your secret stoned talent? Can you play the oboe, host a homemade fashion show, pose like a famous painting, rap like Kanye, dance like Jagger? You do you. We want to see it! (Time Limit: 5 minutes)

“I’m gonna enter the easiest DIY Recipe contest and probably the Talent Show,” says Daily Bonfire host, comedian, star of Netflix’s Cooking on High and most importantly—element #103 on the Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like, Ngaio Bealum. “I can roll a decent doobie—not a fancy schmancy one. But, I can cook and I can juggle. Just not at the same time.

How to participate in the $420 challenge
Using the free Go Live feature on the Daily Bonfire app, entrants can submit their content beginning today through 8pm PST, Sunday, April 19. Participants are encouraged to submit as often as they like and within every category. Choose from a selection of organized hashtags, share your segments, and encourage friends to watch and like them.

Views, likes, and comments all count toward winning. Winners will be announced on Monday, April 20, during a Daily Bonfire segment airing at 4:20pm PST. Entries should not be more than five minutes in length and must be original to the user. Contestants must be 18 years of age and based in the U.S

How to upload a video for the  $420 challenge
1) Download the Daily Bonfire app here: iOS or Android
2) Tap on the ‘Create’ icon on the bottom right ⁠
3) Press the red circle to start recording yourself doing any one of the 5 categories⁠ -you will have a chance to review it before publishing.
4) Submit your video and type in the hashtag #420challenge and tap on that along with any of the 5 categories you entered: #StrainReview, #StylishJoint, #CannaRecipe, #HomemadeBong or #TalentShow.

“The free cash doesn’t stop on 4/20. You have a chance to win something each day,” Bealum tells us, “either during a trivia game or the What Strain am I Smoking? contest.”

With the Daily Bonfire app stoners can play trivia games three times a week—Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:20 p.m. PST. Games are hosted by Bealum and other comedians including Matt Baetz and Alexis Rutledge. And the Strain contest happens every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:20 p.m. PST, hosted by resident talent, DMITRY.

“Plus using Daily Bonfire’s new Go Live feature you can post your own strain reviews and other stuff ,” Bealum continues. “And you can interact with your fellow stoners without any problems or censorship that you might encounter on other platforms—now that’s Stuff Stoners Like.”

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