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happy 710Happy Dab Day

To the 18 million Americans who consume pot daily—today, July 10th, just like April 20th—is just another day. But if you’re still wondering what all this 710 shit is about…we’ll break it all down for ya. And if you’re still not familiar with 420, you probably don’t smoke pot and sorry, this blog ain’t for you.

July 10th is dubbed dab day because the word “dab” can be used to refer to a marijuana extract—from Cannabis Oil to Shatter, Crumble, Sugar, Wax, Snap and Pull—you name it. Certainly we missed a few that came out in the last several seconds. Anyhow these substances are all extracts named by their texture. Oil is one of ’em. Got that? Whew. Let’s continue.

Now take a dab and look at the word “OIL.” Now look at the word upside down. You can either stand on your head or realize that it spells: 710.

Happy dab day from Stuff Stoners Like

Why do stoners celebrate 7/10?

Stoners celebrate July 10th because it’s Ronnie James Dio’s birthday. Dude, Dio was a heavy metal singer/songwriter, popular in the 80s, who fronted such bands as Rainbow, Dio and the mighty Black Sabbath. He also came up with the “devil horns” hand gesture. Anyhow Sabbath wrote a song called Sweet Leaf. Sweet Leaf refers to pot. And boom. There you have it—7/10.

No we’re kidding. July 10th has nothing to do with Dio—although popularizing those “devil metal horns” should be worthy of some sort of tribute, right? What it really comes down to is that smoking weed all day on April 20th sounds like a good idea each year and so does hittin’ errl all day on 7/10. Simple as that.

What—you got no vape pen or dab rig or what not? It’s all good, just smear that oil on some rolling papers. It’s cool—that’ll work fine. Wha? You ain’t got no oil? No hash oil, honey oil—nothing. That’s okay you can still celebrate as long as you’ve got some weed. Kief will work too. Take a look at your weed. Seem them crystals? If you’ve got a curling iron handy you can make rosin. If not, let’s just say you’ve got some serious live resin. Live resin qualifies. Dude, so what if it’s still attached to the plant— light that shit up and celebrate dab day.

Anyhow from all of us here at Stuff Stoners Like to all of you out there—happy 7/10.

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