Alchemy Relax Co2 Oil Review

Alchemy Relax Co2 Oil vape penAlchemy Relax Co2 Oil Review

One of the most recognizable names in Nor Cal clones, Dark Heart Nursery, are gettin’ in on the Co2 oil game. They’ve got a new Co2 extraction product line that’s available in a cartridge called Alchemy. The products blend THC with an array of aromatic botanical extracts combining aromatherapy and herbalism to deliver a full sensory experience. You can choose from a solution that soothes, relaxes or inspires the inner you. The target market? Over-worked and over-stressed types that are too busy to realize that they need to smoke weed—er uhm…we mean that weed can help them relax or help them ignite a spark of creativity. It’s also awesome for anyone who has considered holistic health methods for wellness—stuff like yoga, meditation, aromatherapy or Ayurveda—no wonder its tagline is “the perfect blend for wellness.”

Alchemy carts contain 3/4 milligram of goodness and are the perfect blend for weed newbies looking for a nice and mellow introduction to marijuana. Think of them as like starting with a blended chocolate Frappuccino and working your way to jet black coffee with a couple extra shots. They’re also perfect for peeps who’ve long forgotten how wonderful weed could make them feel or anyone who’s looking for a new take on the old cart + vape pen.

There are four unique Alchemy flavors—Awaken, Relax, Inspire and Explore. Each contains cannabis and various terpenes like chamomile or citrus to deliver the experience they’re named after. There are all kinds of terpenoids or terpenes found in nature. They primarily provide a plant’s particular aroma and flavor. They’re produced in a pot plant’s trichomes right alongside cannabinoids like THC, CBD and CBG. In fact more than two hundred different terpenoids have been identified in cannabis. And according to physician and researcher Dr. Ethan Russo they play an important role in what he calls marijuana’s Entourage Effect. Russo’s 2011 British Journal of Pharmacology paper explains the notion that compounds wholly unique to the cannabis plant work best in presence of various terpenes found in pot and other plants. And get this—terpenes themselves have been found to possess medicinal benefits of their own. These non-psychoactive compounds can be used to safely treat an array of medical conditions from soothing mild skin irritations to delivering serious pain relief. What’s cool is that Alchemy delivers all these benefits in an easy-to-use cartridge.

Alchemy Relax Co2 Oil
Look at that light color, man…

We tested Alchemy’s Relax co2 oil blend. It’s made with an Indica variety that contains 30% THC mixed with lavender and chamomile botanical extracts. Alchemy brings those in to enhance the cannabis terpenes and leverage the stress relieving aspects of pot’s Entourage Effect. Which it definitely does. If you don’t have time to let Calgon take you away, man, this’ll do the trick. It’s also a great sleep aid.

The co2 oil itself is really lightly colored and housed in a cart topped with a really cool chrome tip that doesn’t fall of easily. Dark Heart also offers a vape pen starter kit that comes with a beautifully-designed battery and charger to complete the set. How’d it taste? Well, if you’re weed-flavor adverse or new to the scene and dig stuff like fruity craft beer or flavored coffee—you’ll probably love this stuff. The marijuana taste is virtually non-existent but the stress relief that it delivers definitely isn’t.

Visit for more information about their Relax co2 oil and vape pen starter kit. Or score one at Bloom Room, Apothecarium, Grass Roots, Barbary Coast and Magnolia Wellness or use for delivery anywhere in CA.

Have you tried an Alchemy vaporizer pen? What’d ya think? Or how do you feel about flavored Co2 cannabis oil? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. carlo

    I am an end user and I am out of Relax. I live in San Francisco and it is not available here.
    Where can I purchase this product? Is it available for delivery to me?
    Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

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