Best Way to Pass A Drug Test on Short Notice

Best Way To Pass A Drug Test_FBWhat’s the best way to pass a drug test on short notice? We’ll show you how to quickly beat a blood, hair, spit or urine test with proven products and strategies in this info-packed post.

This sort of thing happens all the time. You’re suddenly subject to a drug test. Now you’re freaking out about your future and searching the internet on the best way to pass a drug test on short notice. Well a drug test can mean any number of things. You could suddenly have to pass a mouth swab drug test. It could mean that you are suddenly subject to a blood drug test or a hair drug test. But in most cases it means that you’ll have to submit to a urine drug test. And in most cases what test-takers are primarily looking for is marijuana use.

PRO TIP—The most common drug test is on urine so use SubSolution synthetic urine or fast-acting detox pills.

In our post Why Do Some Employers Require Drug Tests? We gave a lot of reason why companies drug test for marijuana despite the fact that these tests don’t typically show on-site impairment. It’s primarily to cover the ass in case of insurance or it’s to screen job candidates who they don’t feel fit the mold. Consider the drug test a new way to discriminate against stoners. We’ve also written about companies that don’t drug test so you can avoid the situation. Check out our post 25 Jobs That Don’t Drug Test. What’s interesting is to learn that many employers across the nation are suffering because of drug testing. Future and current employees just can’t seem to pass them.

Suffice to say drug testing is keeping people out of work and leaving work to be done. It’s a shame. We got a comment from a physicist who called himself Jimbino at the bottom of our Jobs that Don’t Drug Test post. Apparently he has been involved in both hardware and software design for nuclear weapons, bombers, fighter aircraft, ICBMs, rockets, tank warfare training and doomsday communications. This guy refuses to work with the US government because they will force him into a drug test. “the ironic thing is that to pursue my career, I am virtually forced to seek physics positions in countries like Russia, Iran, N Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and the like or alternative positions requiring much less talent,” he said. That’s crazy unfortunate, right?

How to pass a drug test in a few hours

Anyhow back to the question at hand; what’s the best way to pass a drug test fast. First you’ll want to determine which test you’ll be taking. There are basically four types of drug tests. They include the urine test, blood test, saliva tests and hair test. Each one of these tests for the five same things. That’s where the term 5-panel test comes in. Knowing which one you’ll be facing is extremely helpful in terms of planning. However buying time will always be a benefit. So start stalling. Put off that drug test for as long as you can to allow your body to metabolize the drugs in your system.

What drug are these tests looking for? Drug tests are looking for weed aka cannabinoids first and foremost. This includes hash and flowers and concentrates—so if you’ve been sucking on a vape pen a lot lately your body is chock full of cannabinoids and you could fail a drug test. These drug tests also look for amphetamines, were talking speed, meth, crank, ecstasy here. They also look for cocaine and opiates which include drugs like heroin, morphine, opium, codeine. And they test for phencyclidine aka PCP. There isn’t really a different strategy when it comes to beating the various drugs however it’s good to know that certain drugs will flow through your body faster than others. Unfortunately marijuana is the one that stays in your system the longest. Marijuana will lodge itself in the fat cells of heavy smoker for up to a month or longer. It’s a lot less for those who smoke a lot less of course.

Know the enemy

Anyhow let’s quickly dive into which test is used for which situation. We’ll then talk about your best strategy to beat it on short notice. The drug test You’ll most likely encounter is a urine test because it’s the cheapest one to administer. They’re also the easiest ones to beat—especially if you’ve got a few days to prepare for it. But the least common is the blood drug test. It’s only allowed to be administered by a licensed professional and is hella expensive to run. They save these tests for criminals typically.

What’s the best way to pass a drug test involving your blood? If you encounter a blood drug test you’ll most likely not have much time to prepare. It’s likely that you’ve been pulled over by police and drug intoxication is suspected. Or some shit went down at work supposedly involving drugs or something. Because this test is pretty much given not too long after something happened to bring it on—your chances of passing it are slim if you’ve got drugs in your system. If you’ve got a few days before you need to submit your sample then you better stop smoking weed and taking all drugs and try and get that stuff out of your system as possible. We’ll talk more about this below.

The Saliva test or mouth swab drug test is the new blood test since it’s easily administered on the spot. What’s best way to pass a drug test suddenly on your spit? There are ways to prepare for this one that involve keeping a product with you at all times. This test is a lot less invasive than a blood test but it’s also a lot less sensitive. We recommend a few products below. Biting the swab or only rubbing it on your teeth isn’t going to work, man. This thing isn’t that insensitive.

Another drug test you might encounter is the hair drug test. This one is tough to beat unless you’re willing to pretend you’re a serious swimmer and rid your body of hair. Really the best way to pass a drug test on your hair might just be to go ahead and shave your head and body. However we mention a few other possible solutions below that are just as simple as washing your hair.

The last test you could encounter is the most common—the urine drug test or drug screen. This is the easiest to beat luckily and we recommend several products to try. If you don’t mind smuggling than we say go with fake pee or grab some clean pee from a friend. If not we have other product recommendations as well as an all-natural route that just might work if you’re not a super duper stoner.

There are specific strategies involved in passing each one of theses test on a short notice. We’ll go into detail on your best way to beat each individual test starting with the least common—the blood drug test.

Quickly passing a blood test

When it comes to passing a blood drug test you’re best strategy is to prolong the test. Destination? Procrastination. Keep putting it off if you can. That’s because THC isn’t in your blood all that long when compared to how long it resides in your fat cells. If you’re the type of person that drinks lots of fluids and is very active well then THC will burn through your bloodstream within a couple of days. If you smoke a lot of weed all the time then marijuana will stay in your bloodstream for about a week after you stop smoking. So like we said try and prolong taking the test. Time is your friend—so lag.

Some drugs other than marijuana can leave your system in a matter of hours. However if you have drugs in your system and you’re going to get a blood drug test immediately—well good luck to you, man. There’s really not much you can do to fool one of these things.

Quickly master the mouth swab test

Time is also your friend when it comes to the mouth swab drug test as well. This test actually looks for THC residing in your mouth. Luckily THC doesn’t stick around in there all that long. So best way to pass a drug test on your spit is to stop smoking for a couple days and wait it out.

If you don’t have the time the best way to pass a drug test on your mouth is to chew a saliva neutralizing gum handy. We recommend Clear Choice Saliva Neutralizing Gum because it clears toxins in 30 seconds and will last 30 minutes. You could also keep a mouth-wash product handy just in case. Ultra Kleen Saliva Cleansing Mouthwash with a 500% Money Back Guarantee rocks. Another is Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouthwash. These should detox your saliva near instantly and keep you covered for a minimum of 60 minutes. If the drug test is not random and you know it’s coming make sure to get a Mouth Swab Drug Test kit and test yourself to know if you’ll need a mouthwash product in the first place.

Beat a hair test on short notice

The best way to pass a drug test on your hair in short notice would be to score yourself some Hair Follicle shampoo from TestNegative. It removes all toxins from your hair including marijuana and other drugs within minutes. Make sure to read the instructions and follow them carefully but it’s basically just like using any other shampoo. It will last for up to eight hours. This will give you plenty of time to get to the testing lab, allow them to perform the hair drug test and then get home before Judge Judy is over. Plus it really beats shaving your head.

There are two other ways to beat a hair drug test—the Macujo Method and the Jerry G method. We cover the first method extensively in our post. Just follow the link. It’s similar to the second technique called the “Jerry_G” method. It came about around 2008 when he posted a thread on saying a new bleach-and-clean method he tried was “90% effective” at beating the hair follicle drug test. Like the Macujo Method it involves using an over-the-counter product to open hair cuticles—in this case bleach—making metabolites easier to clean out of hair. The process is simple just bleach and then dye your hair a couple time. However repetitive bleaching destroys your hair and unfortunately many stoners have to cut their hair after this procedure and the Macujo one so that’s why we recommend the TestNegative hair follicle shampoo.

does synthetic urine workPass a urine test on short notice

The best way to pass a urine test on short notice is to substitute your tainted urine with synthetic urine. We recommend SubSolution synthetic urine because we know and trust the manufacturers. There are many comments on our site from people who have used it successfully. Sure there are lots of other brands on the market including UPass Synthetic Urine, Quick Fix and Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine. They work just as well but because they’re so popular many people sell counterfeit or expired versions of their product. Be careful if you choose to purchase fake piss from these brands. Make sure its the real deal and always check the expiration date. It it’s beyond the date then it’s not going to work.

You could also score some clean urine from someone who doesn’t do any drugs. Don’t worry the drug testing labs aren’t looking to see if you’re a female, or pregnant, or a diabetic—they’re just looking for drug metabolites in piss. They probably won’t even go that far if you pass the initial screening. So as long as your sample is warm like real urine—make sure that it’s around 91 to 100 degrees before you hand it over—and you’re good. You’ll also want to make sure your fake pee looks like pee and smells like it as well. Also make sure that it contains uric acid. This is a substance that test labs are looking for nowadays so make sure that you get a brand that contains this stuff.

What’s best way to pass a drug test that’s supervised? If you think that you’ll have a semi supervised or supervised test we recommend that you score yourself a Whizzinator. This is a device that helps you smuggle urine, keep it warm as well as neatly expel it into the sample container. It comes in a variety of flesh colors to fool anyone watching. There’s also a female version available as well. If you think someone is going to be there at the test to watch you pee you might want to give this a try.

Drug detoxing
If none of the options above are sounds like a good choice to pass your piss test in a hurry well don’t despair—there’s always the detox route. This could be the best way to pass a drug test in a hurry for many reasons mainly because you don’t have to smuggle anything. True it’ll take at least a month to detox yourself of marijuana enough to pass a drug test if you’re a heavy use and take no aids. If you smoke on occasion well you might just pass your drug test with some exercise and without worrying about a damn thing. But if you’re a stoner like the rest of us and you don’t have enough time to exercise for a month—detox is not enough to pass a drug test. Luckily there are detox aids available in pill or liquid form to help you beat that test. There are products in each category that work in a matter of minutes or take a few days to kick in. It basically comes down to whether or not you like popping pills or drinking drinks. Either way they’re both equally as effective.

Detox Drinks
If detox pills are your thing well then we recommend the super fast-acting detox pill from PassYourTest. We know these guys and have lots of comments on our site testifying that their detox pill works. It will rid your body of marijuana metabolites in 90 minutes and last a full six hours. If you have a little more time before you test you could also try a three, five or ten day pill program designed to eliminate toxins.

Detox Pills
If you’d prefer to take a detox drink and have only a matter of minutes before your drug test we recommend a detox drink like Qcarbo32, Ready Clean or Stinger Total Detox. Drink one of these guys down like it’s PowerAde and you’ll be ready to pass your piss test in a matter of minutes. If you’re not interested in chugging an entire Gatorade-sized bottle of detox drink you could try a one shot concentrate by Test Negative. This is highly effective as well and you don’t have to consume much for it to work. If you’re a super stoner with a lot of weed in the ol’ system and want the best detox drink on the market then we recommend TestNegative’s Rescue Cleanse 32oz. It works in an hour. What’s cool about TestNegative is that they offer a 200 percent money-back guarantee on their products and of course we know ‘em because they make the fake pee brand we’re always recommending.

Okay if you don’t want to take a pill or a drink or use fake piss but still need to pass your piss test in a short amount of time we still have recommendation. For you the best way to pass a drug test is to go the dilution route. Skip the masking idea. You won’t be able to render your piss test useless or best it by doing things like adding bleach to the sample or laundry detergent. Don’t drink anything like that either—use common sense, dude. That stuff is toxic. It will damage your mouth, other stuff and possibly kill you.

So the best way to pass a drug test for those who don’t want to ingest anything other than something all natural like water you can try diluting your urine. This isn’t a very effective route but it has worked and on some occasions. This is probably the best way to pass a drug test if you just started smoking weed and don’t have much of it in your system. This is not the best way to pass a drug test if you smoke all day every day. Grab the fake pee, dude.

The trick to this technique is to flush your system with water or a diuretic like cranberry juice that not only detoxifies but also makes you pee a lot. So the strategy here is to drink a lot of water the day before the test. By increasing your water intake you can dilute the test urine sample. Again if you’re a super stoner this method probably won’t work but if you toke on the occupation—you should give this a shot if no other methods on this page seem to work for you. So like we said drink a ton of water. Don’t over do it, dude. Too much water—unlike weed—can be toxic and lead to death. Now pee as much as possible. Each time you urinate you’re expelling drug metabolites from your body. You can drink a diuretic like coffee, tea or cranberry juice to encourage urinating and help flush your system.

Next make sure to pee a bunch of times on the morning before your test. Marijuana metabolites accumulate to greater levels while you’re inactive especially while sleeping. So your first pee of the day will have a higher concentration of drug metabolites. Get rid of that stuff. Take a vitamin B12 pill as well. This will color your pee yellow. Sometimes it takes several hours or up to a day before one of these things really begins to turn your pee yellow but don’t skip this step. Your urine needs to look like pee—not water. Or you’ll be subject to scrutiny. Well not you yourself but your urine will be.

Because you’ll be peeing a lot you’ll also need to build up your creatine levels. Drug testers are going to take a quick look for this using a test strip. So take some creatine pills. You might need to do this at least two to three days prior to your test so that they kick in prior to your test, but the sooner the better.

When you get to the bathroom make sure to capture midstream pee for your sample. The same theory that applies to metabolites accumulating in your sleep also applies here. You’ll want to expel all the stuff that could have a higher concentration of drug metabolites and that’s typically the stuff that comes out of your bladder first. So to obtain midstream pee you need first pee in the toilet. Next pee in the sample cup.

For more information on passing a drug tests visit: How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana.

What do you think is the best way to pass a drug test? We’re interested in hearing your experience passing a weed drug test whether it be a urine, spit, blood or hair test. Let us know what you did to pass it quickly or what you took that caused you to fail. Your comments will help other stoners pass their drug tests.

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