Blackberry Trainwreck Strain Review

blackberry trainwreck weed reviewBlackberry Trainwreck Strain Review

Review By: Mat Lee
Marijuana Strain:
Blackberry Trainwreck
Score: 7/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Forbidden Farms
Harvest Date: 4/28/15
Sativa v Indica: Indica
Content: THC 18% | CBD .9%
Genetics: Blackberry Kush X Trainwreck

blackberry trainwreck marijuana review
Blackberry Trainwreck from Growers Outlet and grown by Forbidden Farms

Appearance: Dense resin covered buds, moderately tight. A timid scattering of pistils aka the hairs dot the light and dark green bud landscape. Budscape? Yeah, budscape.

This is neither here nor there, but I’ve done some reading, and it seems like the hairs are just there for reproduction purposes, to catch the pollen. They look cool, and I’ve always assumed hairy bud meant good bud, but from what I understand the hairs have no cannabinoid or terpene content. Unless your pistils have trichomes on them, as the case may be. It just shows the plant was healthy and ready to get it’s sex thing on.

blackberry trainwreck marijuana review
Blackberry Trainwreck is Blackberry Kush X Trainwreck

The trichomes are fully developed looking like little tiny mushrooms standing at attention. I’m always impressed when recreational market bud makes it through the whole process and still has some trichomes standing. This Forbidden Farms Blackberry Trainwreck looks on point to be another one of those top shelf strains stoners like.
Smell: Smells like sex and candy. Well candy at least, with a fantastic berry background. When you break it apart or put it into a clean grinder the sweet berry notes are much more detectable.

blackberry trainwreck seeds
Blackberry Trainwreck smells like sex and candy. Well candy w/a fantastic berry background

Flavor: The Blackberry Trainwreck tastes more like a Trainwreck pheno than anything with blackberry in it. Although this is much sweeter tasting, at least in my experience. Bong rips blast much more berry flavor, coating your throat in a sweet earthy berry cornucopia of stoney goodness. Smoking it in a spliff gives the Danish Export tobacco a nice sweet background, while smoking it straight in a joint displays the strains potent terpene profile. I’m always blown away by the variation in tastes and smells strain to strain. It’s just one more reason cannabis is my favorite plant on the planet.

blackberry trainwreck marijuana review
The Blackberry Trainwreck tastes more like a Trainwreck pheno than anything with blackberry in it.

High: A nice hazy head change from the first bong hit, and after smoking the rest of the bong load to my dome, a mellow comfortable wave of creative relaxation washed over me. For being a strain that’s under 20% THC, this is some potent herb. I smoked a whole joint to my head, and it put me in that mind state where it doesn’t really matter what I’m doing, as long as I’m doing something, I get into that flow state much easier with certain types of weed. This Blackberry Trainwreck is one such type. Brilliant stuff!

blackberry-trainwreck weed
For being a strain that’s under 20% THC, Blackberry Trainwreck is some potent herb.

Overall:  I feel like a broken record in these reviews sometimes, but I feel it’s important to stress this point. It’s not just about the THC content. If you read my reviews you already know this. It’s about the whole profile, cannabinoids and terpenes. Without actually getting this strain analyzed, I’m willing to bet it has a lovely terpene profile. That’s why you can get a most excellent buzz on while not overloading on THC. Terpenes potentiate, as well as give the plant their smell and tastes. The more terpenes you have, the less THC you’ll need, because of how they all work together to bring your brain and body a buzz that stoners like. Keep that in mind when purchasing your next bag. You can’t always go by the numbers. Have a Blackeryberry Trainwreck grow? Let us know how it’s going in the comments below…

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

blackberry trainwreck
Blackberry Trainwreck is pure Stuff Stoners Like

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