Dr Dabber Aurora Vape Pen Review

dr dabber auroraDr Dabber Aurora Review

Dabs yo. What can I say? You know I love them. But what do we here at SSL love more than dabs? Dope vapes to discretely take dabs out of. Whether you are kicking it at home or on the go, if you dab on the daily like I think you do, then you obviously need a solid vape pen that can keep up. The Dr Dabber Aurora has their pony in the race, and it’s pretty damn sweet. They sent me the Full Rx bundle, which you can get here on the Dr Dabber site. It’s a big upgrade to the Dr Dabber Ghost Pen that we reviewed a while back.

First up, I like the look. I mean sure, it looks like most vape pens, but there’s something discretely dope about a stealth black vape pen. The second thing I like about it is the magnets. How the fuck do magnets work? Shut it ICP. It’s called science, and all you really need to know, is that it works. So rather than risking a dab injury constantly trying to screw and unscrew your coils to swap them out, the Dr Dabber Aurora uses magnets to connect all the pieces together. Totally awesome.

So let’s talk about coils. The Dr Dabber Aurora comes with the normal titanium wrapped quartz and ceramic that most vape pens these days come with. But what I totally think is badass about the Dr Dabber Aurora, is that the coils are also lined with quartz. So picture normal wrapped coils, but then put quartz on the bottom and the sides of it. This allows for a more even and convection like dab experience.

The other thing that’s really cool about the Dr Dabber Aurora, is that they include a halo with the kit. The halo is a ceramic heater under a quartz dish, which some say, at low temperatures, gives you the best, most terpy hit you’ve ever tasted. So does it? Let’s put this thing to the test.

Paging Dr Dabber

dr dabber auroraWhen I dab out of pens, I always prefer to use winterized distillate. Mainly because it doesn’t leave behind as much of a charred residue as the unwinterized material does. What does that mean real quick? When you winterize, you are removing the fats and waxes from the extract. It’s those fats and waxes that can leave behind gross looking shit on your nail or coil. We like to call it a skidmark.

Anyway, in my tests, even with a fully charged pen, I was never able to get the halo to hit very well. I feel like for something of that design to hit properly, it needs to get a lot hotter, a lot quicker. I tried it through all three heat settings, and didn’t have very good luck with it. Perhaps mine is defective. Perhaps the design is defective. Now some more searching is in order. Are other people experiencing this same issue?

dr dabber auroraThe dual quartz titanium wrapped coils on the other hand, those hit like a champ. I have the Aurora turned down to the green setting, and that’s more than enough to heat the wires and get some material vaporizing. Also keep in mind, that whenever the dab comes into contact with a coil like that, you are going to burn some of it. It’s just a side effect of how this shit works. That’s why I had such high hopes for the halo, but maybe that style is best saved to be paired with a mod pen that has more juice to heat up the dish properly. Maybe something that should come with the Boost.

The ceramic titanium wrapped rod dish also works well. For some reason, they just don’t seem to make me cough as bad as the quartz rods. I don’t know what it is, but those quartz dishes always put me on the ground coughing. Either way the end result is the same. A highly happy Mat.

The other cool thing they included is a quartz globe dish. This has two quartz rods in a quartz dish wrapped in titanium coil. It’s all made with the same cool airflow and magnet tech that I would personally consider one of the better selling points of the Dr Dabber Aurora.

The DL on Dr Dabber

dr dabber auroraI had the best rips when using the Aurora Globe glass attachment. For some reason, probably the chamber size and cooling properties of the glass itself, they hit the best for me. I’m sure your mileage will vary, especially considering the variation in material people dab. Also always remember to keep these things as clean as you can.

When shit starts to get all sticky, that’s when shit starts to break. Especially if you have a dab sealed glass globe stuck to the atomizer. Warm that shit up and twist, don’t pull. This will help to free the stuck piece, hopefully without it breaking. Just remember, and no matter how well these things are made, dabs are a huge pain in the ass when they get out of control. If you aren’t careful you’ll end up like a looney tune, with your hand glued to your forehead and your shoe glued to your ass. I always recommend a q tip and the highest Isopropyl alcohol you can find. The lower the percentage, the more water will be in there, and water plus electronics and dabs = no bueno.

To charge the Dr Dabber Aurora, use that same awesome magnet tech to attach the battery right to the charger. No more screwing! It took a little digging to find the info on how many milliamps the battery is. I should say that lithium ion doesn’t have a memory or run out of charge cycles necessarily. It’s the fact that lithium ion batteries like to stay as fully charged as much as possible.

dr dabber reviewLike most cell phones, people neglect this or find misinformation online and so they let their lithium ion battery powered devices get totally empty then they recharge them. That can, over time, have a negative effect on battery life. But if you are like me and keep your shit charged in as much as possible, you shouldn’t have an issue.

That being said, I can now understand why the halo doesn’t work very good. It would take a lot of juice to heat that dish up properly, and when you only have a 350mAh battery to work with, you won’t get very many decent hits before the battery dies. That or my other theory after doing some more digging is that the halo design is flawed. I had the same issue with the SourceVapes stuff that used this same idea.

Dr Dabber review conclusion

This one isn’t cracking the ceramic like the SourceVapes one was, but it looks like it might not be getting a very solid connection, thus preventing the juice to heat the dish properly. Of course I’m no tech, and I’m definitely not getting paid to troubleshoot or fix their engineering issues. But I feel like I should mention it. I like to keep my reviews as honest and true to life as the experience is possible.

Do you have a Dr Dabber Aurora? Let us know your experience with it below in the comments! We always love to hear from fellow stoners. For now, I would say that the halo issue aside, and the small battery life, the Dr Dabber Aurora is stuff stoners like. I also think that for the price you can find something that would fit your needs a bit better. I don’t prefer to use coil pens or anything like that on the daily, but when I do go somewhere and need a pen, I still grab my Vaporous Jpen. Call me old fashion, but I’ve yet to come across a pen that hits as good as that one.

By Mat Lee

Have you tried the Dr Dabber Aurora or any other of Dr Dabber’s other products like the Ghost Pen? Drop your best Dr Dabber review on us in the comments section below. Our readers are always looking for the best vape pen on the market and your expert stoner opinion matters, man.

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  1. Steve

    I have a drdabber Aurora, I have struggled with this unit sense it was new. Never seemed to get quite hot enough. Didn’t matter which heater I tried. Finally found that with the heater open using a straw to inhale thru I could spin the heater around and find a sweet spot and get smoke immediately, best hits by far I ever got off it. Was going to order replacement heaters but after consideration I think the problem may be the base unit rather than the heaters sense all 3 behave the same way.

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