Gilded Glass Double Showerhead Perc Beaker Bong Review


Gilded Glass Beaker Bong Review

Review by: Mad Mat Lee

Today I’m reviewing something that at first look, screams I’m elegant! But once you get down to the nitty, this beauty is also a beast. I’m talking about the Gilded Glass Double Showerhead perc beaker bong. Being an oil man myself, this is the first flower rig I’ve reviewed in a while, and I have to say, she’s quite the looker. As you can see from the pictures, I received the 18 inch tall double perc version. You can get the same bong in a 14 inch tall single perc, or for those of you much taller with more lung capacity, the 22 inch tall triple perc.

Gilded-Glass-doubleshower-15The first thing I noticed when I freed this majestic steed from her bubble wrap prison, was the purple and gold accents. It screams royalty. I remember back to being in high school when they were teaching us about what colors evoke which feelings. Purple and gold. Prestige, prosperity, royalty, power, elegance, imagination. It’s all there when you stare down the barrel and make eye contact with a freshly packed bowl. Spark it up and blast one off.

The 24k gold decal doesn’t look like a decal. It looks like classy gold in the glass. It feels like it’s part of the glass. Whoever’s hands made this down there in California has my thanks. It’s a gorgeous bong with one purpose. Get people faded. This is the first Gilded Glass piece I’ve reviewed, and I’m quite impressed. The quality of the glass looks and feels nice and solid, and the function is on point.

As you can see from the slow motion function videos on my Instagram feed, this beaker glugs. When it sits on the table, you can feel it rumble as your pulling through it’s draggy feeling double showerhead percs. Next stop the percolation station.

These showerhead percs are no joke. I have a couple of other rigs that use them, and they definitely take a little more effort to clear. There’s a lot of drag, especially when you start stacking them up. I feel like as cool as the triple looks, and as badass as it might be to have a 22 inch tall shiny gold and purple bong, I think the drag would be a little overwhelming for someone of my stature. Granted, this is just my speculation, I haven’t actually tried out the triple.

Gilded-Glass-doubleshower-15The dope thing is, these showerheads really get that smoke diffused and cooled before you let it into your lungs. There’s always going to be a trade off. With rigs that have more drag, I like to use a more open type of nail. Something like a healthstone that has some resistance might make for super creamy hits, but I think with all that effort pulling, you might end up with an excessive coughing fit when you rip it.

As far as flower is concerned, and this is a flower bong through and through, having the double showerhead makes me have to damn near stand up to clear it every time. I don’t mind this at all, but it’s almost too much bong to have sitting at the couch or on your desk every day. It is a perfect size for sitting in my office chair and taking rips, as you can see in this IG video. This is just my opinion of course, because I tend to be a clumsy stoner every now and again and would be the one to gesticulate the bong right into a thousand tiny pieces all over the floor. Don’t be that guy. I’ve been that guy a few times, and it’s never a pleasant experience.

Gilded-Glass-doubleshower-15The three choices for the Gilded Glass showerhead perc all come with a 14.5mm female joint. The bowl the bong came with was a little small for my taste. It’s great for tasting individual strains I suppose, but when I’m taking bong hits, I don’t want to repack the bowl after every hit. Some purists would argue this point with me and holler about the taste and all that.

Sure it’s fine, but when you break out the Gilded Glass double beak, you are getting down for a sesh, not a tasting. I really like the line of rigs and bongs Smoke Cartel offers from Gilded Glass. I hope they send me some more dope glass to review. For now, you can get your own Gilded Glass showerhead perc over on Smoke Cartel. If you have one already, let me know what you think about it in the comments. I’m always interested to hear other stoners perspectives on the stuff I review. This bong is definitely some classy, elegant, stuff stoners like.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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  1. farmacia

    Hi there, after reading this awesome paragraph i am as well cheerful to share my know-how here with mates.

  2. Calvin

    I have the triple perc one. I also have an ash catch with it, and the drag is even worse. I have the white one. You’re right about it being a lot of bong, but 10/10 would buy again.

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