Girl Scout Cookies Weed aka GSC Review

Girl Scout Cookies WeedGirl Scout Cookies Weed aka GSC Review

Name: G.S.C aka Girl Scout Cookies weed
Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Superior Harvest
Harvest Date: Doesn’t Say on the Label
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Content: THCA 25.24% | CBDA .26%
Sample Size: 3.5 grams
Genetics: OG Kush X Durban Poison
Girl Scout Cookies WeedAppearance and Feels: Damn this G.S.C aka Girl Scout Cookies weed looks like some of the hottest fire around. Although I’m definitely starting to notice a pattern with all of the cannabis I’ve seen from Superior Harvest. I’m not sure if it’s how they trim, or the nutrients they are using to grow the cannabis, but all of their flower has that same super tight, uber dry, and overly dusty, trichome’d out look. I’ve seen it in their Chem Dawg, OG Kush, and Strawberry Cough to name a few examples. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just a peculiar pattern I noticed. Is it Stuff Stoners Like? Let’s find out.
Girl Scout Cookies WeedSmell: It’s been over a year since last reviewing a Girl Scout Cookies weed strain. This G.S.C has the same musty sour fuel type of aroma that the Platinum Girl Scout Cookies I reviewed in January of 2016 had. What’s interesting is that when you break up some of this and give it the sommelier treatment, the true cookie smell reveals itself. Along with that spicy pungent smell that seems to linger in my brain. I’ve been reviewing weed for a while now, and it still makes me smile every time I come across a strain of cannabis that smells like something different. Like cookies, or gummy bears or bubblegum for example. I love that shit.
Girl Scout Cookies WeedFlavor: For this review, I’m doing something a little different. The good people over at Vapium sent me the Summit + to review. I won’t tell you all about it here, we’ll save that for the actual review. But I will say that a good flower vaporizer will bring out some amazingly crazy dope flavors from cannabis. You can check out my IG feed if you want to see it in action before the review is published.
Girl Scout Cookies WeedThis Girl Scout Cookies weed is fantastic vaporized. There’s definitely more of the spicy almost borderline sweet flavor when smoked out of a joint. Spliffs are delicious with this strain, as they are with most cookie types. This is the setup for the review. A nice Gandalf style pipe from Unlmtd Glass, the Vapium Summit+, the Chewy Grinder, and of course, that bomb ass weed.
Girl Scout Cookies WeedHigh: The high on this Superior Harvest Girl Scout Cookies weed is heavy for sure. Especially when taking Summit+ vape rips to the dome. It’s got a nice flow to it with a comfortable, relaxing finish. Sit on the couch and lose yourself in a game of Battlefield (Add me ps4 thecompound406) or jamming out to some music on a cold winter day. The Girl Scout Cookies weed is a good partner to have for all these things, and more. As with all strains over 20% cannabinoid content, if you are new to the weed game, take it easy. Don’t puff puff pass, just puff then pass. One puff. If you feel like you need another puff later on, then take another one. Just pace yourself and make sure you have the best cannabis experience possible. We smoke to relieve stress, among other things, and if you are going over your limit, you might freak yourself out a bit. For the rest of us though, blaze on blazer.
Girl Scout Cookies WeedOverall: If you do some quick google searching, you’ll find an article on the joint blog about the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) banning the name Girl Scout Cookies. This strain and others that the OLCC deems to be “Kid Friendly” have to change their names. I do find it odd that the liquor control boards allow alcohol to have all of the same kid appealing features, plus an extremely unacceptably high death rate, yet cannabis, something with zero deaths from it’s use, still has to jump through all of these ridiculous flaming hoops just to operate a legit business.
Girl Scout Cookies WeedAs you can see those rules have made their way to the Washington I-502 market. G.S.C, Girl Scout Cookies weed, whatever you want to call it. It’s all stuff stoners like. I don’t think I’ve smoked a version of the Girl Scout Cookies weed that I didn’t like. Superior Harvest is no different. This Girl Scout Cookies weed, I mean, G.S.C is some fire for sure! I highly recommend it.

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