Stoners Like Dank

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No kidding, right? Erybody knows an eighth of dank is better than a fat sack of dirt-weed or shake, but no matter where you live, it’s eventually going to run dry. And, there’s not much worse than having a pocket full of cash and not being able to get good weed.

As soon as you give in and accept that nasty-ass schwag or them slightly less disgusting mids, you know what’s gonna happen. Your phone starts to blow up ‘cause the dank finally hit town and everyone has it.

And you know you’re getting that shit even if it means you can’t pay the rent – again. Besides, that dank’ll last forever now that you have all that cheap smoke on hand for those lazy-ass mooches who always come knockin’ right after you hook up. Those dudes are the only reason you ran out in the first place, right? Yeah, that’s it.

When you finally get sick of the dance, look up Sin City Seeds AKA the Home of the Dank. These guys don’t sell actual smoke, but they do have the next best thing – an amazing assortment of marijuana seeds that’ll turn you into the best DIY’er this side of Amsterdam. Plus, the name is killer.

For less than a quarter, you can get 15 professionally bred cannabis seeds that’ll blow your fucking mind. It’ll take a bit of work (something most stoners don’t like), but you’ll get to watch a weed-filled miracle as that tiny bean goes from brownish nothing to the baddest mamma jamma you’ve ever seen.

If you’d like to try a strain with more bling than a Vegas showgirl, check out Buddha’s On Moonshine. This baby’ll practically blind you with an extra-thick layer of frosty resin – and the potency is off the hook. As far as the flavour & smell go, think sweet, cherry Jolly Ranchers with a splash of hash mixed in. If that doesn’t spell D-A-N-K, what does?

Buddha’s On Moonshine is a premium cross of Soma Seeds’ legendary Buddha’s Sister and the highly intoxicating Aliens on Moonshine. With a turbo-charged THC level, this 60% Indica will kick your ass if you’re not careful. If you’d like to try your hand at actual hash, Sin City says this is the one.

Want more? Who doesn’t! Take a look at Aliens Jackd Up. The name alone sells this monster, but this strain is so shiny it could literally flag down a spaceship – and stoners like aliens, right? At least with a pipeful of this shit onboard, those little guys will forget all about the anal probing & toke up instead.

Aliens Jackd Up is a 60% Sativa: 40% Indica hybrid of Sour Alien & Sour Jack with a trippy, psychedelic high and just enough of a body stone to keep your feet on the ground. Just a few puffs and the room will fill with an awesome sweet/sour aroma while a mix of delectable sour fruit & hash flavours practically explode in your mouth. Mouth watering yet?

Ready to put on your bibs & get to digging? Not so fast – we have to do our duty and remind you that growing weed is still illegal almost everywhere. But, if you’re lucky enough to live in a marijuana-friendly place, grab that shovel or that flower pot and have a go. This is the easiest & cheapest way to keep your stash filled and know exactly what you’re smoking.

Now that we’re jonesing from the bud porn, it’s time to burn one. If you got ‘em, roll ‘em.

Later, The Rhino

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