Stoners Like Doritos

Here at Suff Stoners Like we aim to please, man. Several stoners have written in touting Doritos as the ultimate stoner munchy. So…who are we not to investigate, right? So we decided to test that theory. And, well it’s true…stoners … Continued

BREAKING NEWS — Governator Terminates Pot Bill

[digg=]Get this California Governor Arnold  “Governator” Schwarzenegger just vetoed a bill that would have protected medical marijuana users from being fired for testing positive for using pot. Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-SF) wrote up a bill, AB 2279, that would have … Continued

BREAKING NEWS — Marijuana possession charge against NFL player dropped

The prosecution has dropped a marijuana possession charge against Houston Texan running back Jameel Cook. [digg=]Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healey said Tuesday there was insufficient evidence to show Cook knew there was marijuana in his car when he … Continued

Cannabis Can Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Cannabis Can Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria It’s been know for a little while that cannabis can fight drug-resistant bacteria. Drug-resistant bacteria are a growing concern for public health. These superbugs are becoming more prevalent and more difficult to treat with traditional … Continued

Stoners Like Calling Everyone Dude

Man, you would totally think that the only people who call everyone “dude” are surfers, Californians or people who watched too many fuckin’ Keanu Reeves movies, right? Well, dude, if you think that…you’d be wrong. Calling people dude is a … Continued