Take 40 Percent Off A Frost Pipe

Frost Pipe Promo 2Frost Pipe + FREE goody bag
Regularly $25.00
Only $15.00

This week’s Dope Deal is perfect for summer—a Frost Pipe and an exclusive SSL goody bag. Create your own frosty pipe made completely from ice with a Frost Pipe. Try it with everything from apple juice to Zima. The flavor and color combinations are endless, dude. This thing is perfect for parties, gift-givin’ or just plain chillin’ by the pool or the back porch on a hot-ass day. For only $15 + $4.20 Shipping and handling (USA) you get:

  • One Frost Pipe Master Mould
  • One Frost Pipe Drip/Holding Tray
  • One Frost Pipe Stopper
  • Two Screens
  • Two Stickers
  • Exclusive SSL Goody Bag


frost pipeDoes the Frost Pipe shatter into a million pieces like a really expensive glass piece when it hits the garage floor? Probably, but who the fuck cares because you can just make another Frost Pipe out of water, or orange juice or blood in about as long as it takes to freeze a fuckin’ pork butt. It’s super cost-effective and reusable, man.

For refunds, returns and exchanges please contact frostpipe.com. Products will be mailed upon conclusion of week-long flash sale.

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