The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

The Dipper by Dipstick VaporizersThe Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

Next up on the review plate is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. It’s called the Dipper and the company that makes it is Dipstick Vapes. I was a huge fan of the Wasatch Glassworks Nectar Collector, and when I saw the Dipper, which is basically a battery powered dab straw beast, I knew I had to review it.

You may be familiar with the Original Dipstick by Improve LLC which launched in 2014. In January of 2017, the new rebranded Dipstick Vapes was launched. The Dipper is their flagship device, and after checking out my Stuff Stoners Like review of this bad ass little vape pen dab technology, you’ll see what they continue to be the best.

The Dipper by Dipstick VaporizersSo what’s good with the Dipstick Vapes Dipper? Everything from the shiny metal finish to the extra tip and coil it comes with. It’s all stuff stoners like. Even the price point is in the affordable range for the majority of stoners, especially when you consider how awesome it hits and how convenient having something like this is.

The biggest improvement, and one of my favorite things about this new shiny vape is the dish. The Dipper comes with a dual coil TI wrapped quartz dish, so if you are on the go and don’t have time to break out the dab cup and suck a dope dab up, you can remove the Dipper tip, replace it with the coil dish, take the mouthpiece off the top and put it over the coil. Pow, ready to dab just like any other vape pen out there. Except this one works really well. I also like how you can be super portable, yet efficiently effective at getting the job done. That job? Dabs yo.

The Dipper by Dipstick VaporizersThe first generation of the Dipper was similar, yet lacking in a few key features. You can still find the OG model of the Dipstick, but they are not making anymore. Once the inventory is gone, that’s it. Although Dipstick Vapes does say they will continue to support and help it’s customers get the most out of those first gen pens. I personally have never reviewed the OG Dipstick, but from what I hear it was a pretty bad ass product, especially for the time it came out. But the Dipper is where it’s at. The evolution of dabbing on the go continues.

The new redesign has included all the dope upgrades a daily dapper dabber might enjoy. It’s refreshing to see a company actually put into action all the feedback it has gotten from users. Not every company is willing to take our advice, and we can clearly see how that affects the product lifespan, feature set, and it’s virility in the marketplace. All important things from a business standpoint. Especially a business trying to make it in such an overcrowded and new market.

The Dipper by Dipstick VaporizersThe battery has been upgraded and improved, now offering three temperature settings. They have also cut back on the amount of removable parts in the device. This means less shit for you to take apart and possibly break while trying to clean. Let’s face it, people are hard as fuck on these sorts of devices. I have seen some technology take quite a beating in the hands of the normal everyday user. I always try to play nice with the things I have, but some of you are straight savage with your gear. That’s why lately I’ve been passing some of these cool review toys over to my more normal, less tech savvy friends, to see how long they can go without breaking the device, or dropping it in a toilet or a lake or something. My friends are animals.

The Dipper by Dipstick VaporizersThat being said, if you do happen to break a tip, or need a few extra parts for your Dipper, they are super affordable. If you dab the poo poo, I definitely recommend getting some extra tips or coils. I’ve noticed that using material that has been winterized, as in the fats and waxes are removed, will extend the life of your coils tremendously. There’s much less carbon build up or black char, which keeps the coil working better, for much longer. I try to recommend only using distillate that has been properly winterized, but of course, people are going to put all sorts of dabs on their coils. That’s why it’s always good to have a couple of extra. Plus, some of these shops are charging some outrageous prices for their distillate. So there’s that.

The hits the Dipstick Vapes Dipper dishes out are always packed with flavor and full of that epic, cannabinoid filled vapor. Assuming you aren’t smoking the poo poo out of it. I’m definitely glad they include an extra tip in the kit, because after dabbing all this recreational Eugene Oregon poop soup, I’m definitely going to need to use that extra tip.

The Dipper by Dipstick VaporizersThe one thing everyone I let try the Dipstick Vapes Dipper kept saying right off the bat is how smooth it hits. Apparently some people have had some pretty shitty luck when it comes to picking out a proper vape apparatus. If it’s not vaping the material all the way, it’s burning it, which is never a good experience and will add to the degradation of your coils and tip. Lucky for you, Dipstick Vapes sells all those extra parts on their site, and at a great price.

I always try to tell people that if they are unsure, just ask. I’m all over the internet, and most of you probably have my phone number. Please, before you go wasting your hard earned money on a vape pen that is going to deliver sub par results, hit me up and ask me what the new hotness for the month is, and I’ll point you in the right direction. If you ask me today what pen you should get, I’m most likely going to give you a few recommendations, depending on what your ultimate use case is.

The newest addition to my homie hookup recommendation list of stuff stoners like? The Dipper by Dipstick vapes of course. You can scoop the full kit right now on their site for around $170. That’s a price point and a dope ass device that are both stuff stoners like.

By Mat Lee

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