What Does OG Mean?

OG KushOG Meaning 101

What does OG mean? Hold on we’ll get to that. But first a little context. OG is the enigmatic moniker adorning the names of weed strains such as Louis XIII OG, Deadhead OG and even Black Jesus OG. Due to successful crossbreeding of early OG strains, there are currently many of them to choose from. So besides referring to any of a number of killer strains, what’s an OG? What does OG stand for? What does OG mean? Glad you asked. Let us explain.

Depending on which stoner you ask, you might get a different answer to any question about origins of the og term. Popular lore has it that OG means either “Original Gangster” or “Ocean Grown.” If your were to google og urban dictionary you’d find the former.  Some might say that both of these are wrong and that the meaning of OG simply describes the strain as “Outdoor Grown.” Some take the meaning of OG for a more sentimental turn and accept it as an homage to a large Canadian seed sale website which was shut down in 2006. So which meaning of OG is correct?

First Letter O, Second Letter G

OG is not typically used as a designation for how the weed was grown. Any of the OG strains may conceivably have been grown indoors, weakening the case for the proponents of “Outdoor Grown.” Stoners might initially be tempted to accept that pot strains are named literally, but judging from the plethora of wildly-named strains out there, their unique qualities and effects, it is more likely that the true meaning of OG is also a lot more playful than an inconsistent designation referring to methodology and a lot more fun than an unfamiliar tribute to a long-defunct website.

3 Star Dawg Marijuana Strain from the Harborside Health Center in San Jose CaliforniaOG Kush, an international strain with California roots

No matter which name you prefer, it is widely accepted that the legendary OG Kush was the first OG strain out there. Perhaps appropriately, OG Kush is itself an enigmatic strain whose exact parentage is difficult to pinpoint. However, it is widely held that OG Kush came from any of the strains named Lemon Thai, Hindu Kush and Chemdawg.

Lemon Thai is a cross between a Hawaiian Indica and a Thai Sativa and the result is said to increase creativity and focus. Hindu Kush, an indica which hails from the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and is known for its pleasing aroma of sandalwood. Chemdawg is the most mysterious of these three for having no clear origin or genetic lineage, though this strain has successfully crossed to produce a great many of the west coast OG strains we enjoy today.

Original Gangster Kush

OG Kush can lay claim to parentage from around the world but its origin is California. If you’re into OG slang, then you might prefer to call this favorite like the Original Gangster that it is and just leave it at that, mayne. Perhaps we don’t need to really know where the OG Kush strain originated. Like Geto Boys said, it feels good to be that Original Gangster, one that you don’t really know.

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Super Lemon OG weed strain 7Ocean Grown Kush

If OG stands for Ocean Grown Kush, then the popular OG weed myth you’re subscribing to involves two farmers, one of which in OG slang, was flexin’ nuts. The Ocean Grown story has several variants but it generally starts with two farmers talking over a fresh bowl of pot. The first famer is skeptical to the second farmer’s claims that his Mountain Grown pot has no equal. The first farmer takes his hit but recognizes that the strain does not come from the highlands. Having billowed out his smoke with an unconvinced frown, the first farmer exclaims “this Kush isn’t mountain grown, it’s Ocean Grown Kush!” Some variants maintain that the first farmer called the second farmer “Bro” but considering they were smoking an OG, it’s pretty likely they were both pretty chill bros with their Ocean Grown Kush.

Even if Ocean Grown Kush is accepted as the correct name, there may be confusion as to whether this hybrid is sativa-dominant or indica-dominant. While it is possible to find this hybrid at your local headshop under either category, the first OG Kush was said to have come from the category of neon dancing bears, through a roadie of the Grateful Dead.

OG Strains are Stuff Stoners Like

OG stands for whatever you prefer to believe or insist. If you go for OG slang or a more literal meaning of OG, it goes without saying that OG strains, like OG Kush, Tahoe OG and OG Chem are here to stay. Stoners have enjoyed great variety among these killer strains without perhaps even wondering “What does OG mean.” Hopefully we find you hunkered down beneath a banner reading the world is yours as you fire up that bowl of good old Ocean Grown, Outdoor Grown, or Original Gangster. Whatever you decide to call it, the OG strains are Stuff Stoners Like.

What Does OG Mean to you, dude? Go for it. Define OG for us. Let us know what you think the real meaning of OG is all about in the comments section below…and when you’re done go smoke some of your favorite OG strain.

By Henry Calderón

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