10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Stoners

Dizz Wright Smoke Box10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Stoners

Hang on to your weed. The holidays are nearly upon us. Plus California and like seven other weed states just loosened their grip on gana. So you can bet that this holiday season is going to be the most stoney one yet. Because our 2015 gift guide for stoners was a huge success we thought we’d put together another version featuring the coolest cannabis gifts of the year. So if you’re pondering over that perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life don’t procrastinate, dude. Just pack a bowl or roll a joint. We’ve already done the thinking for you, man.

Our 2016 holiday gift guide features the coolest cannabis Christmas gift ideas for stoners who love flowers, for those who love to dab and for those who just love all. We’ve also got a couple gift ideas, well more of a couple cannabis PRO TIPS for those who love it all, but have to worry about passing a piss test afterwards.

We’ve divided our 2016 Christmas gifts ideas list into a few select groups—expensive gifts for geeks that smoke pot, to cool gifts that fill-up stocking but don’t drain the bank, to gifts that keep on giving from organic nutrients perfect for pot-growing to stoney monthly surprise boxes perfect for enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Anyhow here is the stuff stoners like holiday gift guide for 2016…

Inexpensive ganja gifts for Stoners

Shape your cone jointSSL Rolling Papers

Stuff Stoners Like signature rolling papers make awesome stocking stuffers. And did you know that they are the first rolling papers made for stoners by stoners? They’re additive-free, unbleached and 100% organic. Made from pure hemp, so thin you can see right through ‘em, our signature papers are slow burning and not too slick to roll with ease. And because they’re made with an all-natural gum they don’t come unstuck even during the most hardcore sesh and no matter how hard your friends fumble the joint. MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD TO PURCHASE.

tokinasian and her periodic table of stuff stoners like poster make a cute pairPeriodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like Poster

Our Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like has been plastered everywhere. And it’s now available (for a limited time) as a full-sized, hand-screened, glow-in-the-dark poster. It makes a great Featuring everything that’s integral to the stoner universe, from Star Trek to Snowboarding, Cheech and Chong to Cheetos, Dabs to Doug Benson the PToSSL has it all—so if your favorite stoner ever finds themselves in a situation where they’re too stoned to know what to like—they can consult this poster.

PRO TIP 1: If you or the person your gifting ever has to submit to a urine drug test use Sub-Solution synthetic urine. it also makes a great gift.
PRO TIP 2: Get yourself a home drug test kit and test yourself before submitting your sample but after trying your detox method of choice.

SSL Roll-Uh-BowlOfficial Stuff Stoners Like Roll-Uh-Bowl

Take big milky bong hits on the run with the official Stuff Stoners Like Roll-uh-Bowl—the American-made, go-anywhere, do-anything, indestructible, portable, waterpipe. The SSL Roll Uh Bowl comes equipped with a removable downstem, alloy eject-a-bowl and silicone “Stuff Stoners Like” storage band. Specs? You got it. The SSL RUB is Black • 8″ tall when in use • 1-1/2″ diameter • Folds to fit into palm of hand • 9mm composite Downstem • 9mm alloy eject-a-bowl • Odorless & flavorless • Easy to clean – Dishwasher safe! • 100% Grade VI Healthcare Silicone • Made in the USA PATENT-pending


So you’ve made some concentrates but want to use a cartridge style vape pen? Not problem, man. We’re  huge fans of convenience. Get yourself some DabQuid and transform your weed wax into liquid THC that you can use with your vape pen.

What is this shit made of? Well Dabquid is special blend of food grade Propylene Glycols—the same stuff you get in nearly all vape pen cartridges so if you’re into the carts you’re probably already vaping this stuff. It takes about seven minutes to create a THC liquid that you can then put in your vape pen cart. You’ll need a small pot or pan, a small glass container that can be placed in the pot/pan (shot glass size), and something small to stir with and you’re done, man. Because of it’s small size Dabquid makes a great stocking stuffer, man. Check out our post on how to make THC vape juice for instructions. Don’t worry it’s simple.

Smoke Box by Buddha BoxBuddha Box Subscription

Why not extend the gift giving all year. Because what stoner doesn’t dig getting a big ol’ surprise box, make that a stoner box, filled with weed paraphernalia and the coolest stoner accessories each month—delivered right to their door?

The BuddaBox monthly mystery box filled with myriad marijuana gifts, including the newest and best weed accessories plus staple weed gear like rolling papers, hemp wicks and shit.. We’ve reviewed a few, including the Buddha Box and the 420 Goody Box and can tell you that scoring surprise boxes can really make your day—especially when you sign up for one, get hella stoned and forget it’s coming. When that goodie box, make that a 420 Goody Box arrives each month your special you’ll be stoked each and every time. And have a good reason to smoke you out.

Weed Grinder w/Microscopic Trichome Graphics

Grinder weed and papers are all you need, man. Does this scenario sound familiar? You want to roll a joint, but have no weed grinder? Been there. It sucks. Sure weed grinders are a luxury as far as weed accessories are concerned but they sure beat using your fingers. You could always make a homemade weed grinder (check out our post How to Make a Weed Grinder for more info on making your own diy weed grinder. Warning—homemade grinder weed is usually not uniform leading to joints that won’t burn correctly). Use your coffee grinder as an electric weed grinder if you’ve got a lot of weed to grind for something like cannabutter. But seriously though— if you plan on rolling and smoking more than one joint in your lifetime you should get yourself a weed grinder.

weed-grinderThere’s no need to make a huge investment in a grinder for weed. Keep it simple stupid. Especially when it comes to grinders for weed. You don’t need no diamond grinder weed shredder, or some fancy automatic weed grinder, any custom weed grinders with painted-on graphics. You can basically type “weed grinder amazon” and find some cool weed grinders for cheap because let’s face it, there are plenty of weed grinders for sale online—but do you really know what material they’re made from? That’s kind of important, dude. You don’t want heavy metals leaching into your weed—know what we’re saying? So be a bit cautious about cheap weed grinders. If you find a metal weed grinder that seems too good to be so cheap there’s a reason. So go with the diy weed grinder or spend some cash on this dope and durable weed grinder made from aerospace aluminum by our buds at micro-herb.net. It’s definitely the best weed grinder for under $20 on Amazon. This thing features some onolicous magnified trichome graphics that’ll get you high just looking at ‘em. It also features CNC threading for smoothing and silent operation. It’s equipped with a powerful magnet and an anti-friction gasket for maximum closure and easy grinding. This feature alone makes it worth the cash because other weed grinders get all gummy all fast like—making ‘em hella hard to turn. That’s not good in a  weed grinder. This one grinds smoth time after time because it’s got a gasket. Plus it’s easy to clean and comes with 59 hella sharp diamond shaped teeth for perfect uniform grinds. And it comes with a free smell proof bag—perfect for sealing in the stink—a five year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. Stuff Stoners Like? Yep. Best weed grinder yet.

Costly but cool cannabis geek gifts

PAX 3 vape pen

The new PAX 3 is the coolest and most high-tech vaporizer on the market. Now don’t let high-tech fool ya. It’s hella easy to use—even when you’re hella high. This smart vape will work with ground-up weed as well as concentrates. We prefer to use it with bud. If you’re looking to vape concentrates alone, you might be better off with a cheaper model. But if you’re looking for a dry herb vaporizer that kicks ass we recommend the PAX 3. It’s powerful, discreet and delivers some seriously big hits. Fill it with tasty herb and you’ll be rewarded with a quick trip to tasty-town.

The PAX 3, what many stoners are calling the Apple iPhone of vaporizers, heats up in 15 seconds, vibrates when it’s ready, has a rad app interface for your smartphone and has a battery that last forever. It’s also built like a Ferrari, is backed with a 10-year-warrnatly and if you buy it from us you get free shipping! Plus the new PAX looks dope as hell.

pax-3-vaporizerSource Orb wax pen

If you’re looking for a simple and effective vape pen dedicated to concentraes that delivers huge tasty rips at low terpene-preserving temps we recommend the SOURCE orb 4 premium vape pen. The 2-piece SOURCE orb 4 vaporizer pen is super easy to load featuring magnetic locks—just pull the top, load and click closed. It’s even easier to use. Just push the button and inhale.

And the SOURCE orb 4 is entirely made of  Stainless Steel 303— the healthiest and safest material ever used on a concentrate vaporizer pen. Speaking of atomizers it comes with three USA-tested Grade 2 Titanium atomizers. Step up your game with the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit. that includes six different SOURCE orb 3 atomizers—two Quartz atomizers, two Coil-Less atomizers, and three Double Coil atomizers.

The Source by ExactCraftSource by Extractcraft

If you’ve already got a vape pen for concentrates why not start making your own concentrates? Don’t risk your life by blasting with butane, dude—get yourself a Source by ExtractCraft. This thing is a closed-loop extraction system that can sit right on your counter top. It takes up about as much space as a blender and is a lot quieter.

If you grow your own weed this thing is perfect for transforming your trim into some tasty wax. You’re not going to get crystal clear shatter, but if you put in a good product—one without pesticides and grown without using chemicals—and use the right solvent like Everclear or 99.9% iso alcohol at the right temperature you’ll get some really tasty and potent results. We use our Source all the time. It’s simple to use and because you can reclaim nearly all of the solvent it’s super cost-effective. And the wax we get is tasty as fuck. Oh ya…purchase from us and you get free shipping.

MagicalButter Machine 2

If you’re not into concentrates or vape pens but have a lot of trim the next best thing you can do with it is create cannabis butter, cannabis oil and cannabis tinctures. The MagicalButter Machine 2 is so easy to use it’s silly. Just dump in your ingredients, turn it on and walk away. You don’t even have to grind up your weed. The MagicalButter maker acts like a blender, chopping up your shake or trim while heating the entire mixture to the perfect temperature for the release of THC.

What’s awesome is that you can use the MagicalButter machine to create marijuana butter as well as cannabis infused oils like coconut oil or olive oil. And of course you can use it to make everything from lotions to tinctures to soups and salad dressings. Score a MagicalButter Machine 2 on Amazon for about $150 bucks.

Magical ButterThe perfect gift for ganja growers


Looking to produce beautiful and bountiful buds? Some growers swear by Superthrive plant food but we may have found something that’s even better—Supergain. If you’re not familiar, man, when it comes to Superthrive cannabis growers absolutely adore the stuff. In fact Superthrive was used to transplant the largest and oldest tree ever documented. However we discovered through trial and error that SuperGain delivers faster stress recovery and greater resistance to disease and fungus as well as larger and juicier buds than its competitor.

The makers are expert bougainvillea growers who have had their plants everywhere, including Disneyworld. So we decided to put some of this stuff on our bougainvillea and it not only exploded with massive growth but huge vibrant flowers. Seemed as it intensified everything and we had similar results in the ganja garden. We’re going to put together a post about it soon, because it was awesome. Anyhow the small bottle makes a great stocking stuffer and you can score it on Amazon for about $15.

SupergainHeavy Boost

If you’re looking for something that’s organic and takes the work out of growing weed not to mention a reason to smoke you out, we recommend Heavy Boost by Boss Nutrients. It’s an all-in-one plant enhancer available in  8 and 32 ounce bottles on Amazon that delivers better yield and ripening than any other product we tried. It also strengthens your plant’s entire immune system—keeping it lush and healthy.

Heavy Boost It’s all organic, OMRI certified and can be used in any grow medium including soil. Growing hydro weed this stuff is perfect because it works in just about any cultivation system—aeroponics, aquaponics, deep water, etc. It also works great as a foliar feed since the plant can absorb the flowering stimulation directly through its leaves. We dig Heavy Boost because it eliminates the need for numerous additives during the entire grow cycle from veg to flowering saving time and money by eliminate the cost of multiple nutes while maximizing the density of your buds.

Have any Christmas Gift Ideas that you think should be on this list? No problem, man. Tell us about ’em in the comments section below.

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