Romulan Strain Review

Romulan, a cross of North American Indica and White Rhino, is one of those funny legendary strains where the exact lineage is unknown. Is it Stuff Stoners Like?

Kali Mist Strain Review

Stoner scribe Mat Lee tests the Kali Mist strain. Kali Mist weed has been around and won a tons, but Is this Cali Mist stuff really stuff stoners like?

How to Roll a Cone Joint

The cone joint is definitely stuff stoners like—it contains more cannabis than an average jay and looks hella awesome. Here’s how to roll a cone joint in 5 steps.

The Cake Marijuana Strain Review

THE CAKE , an Indica Dominant cross of True Afghani and original OG Kush, is SO FIRE that Mat Lee SMOKES it only near fire extinguishers…

UW Marijuana Strain Review

Legend has it that this super powered strain was stolen or leaked out from a particular university in the pacific northwest. Betcha can’t guess which one?


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How to Roll a Joint

Here’s how to roll a joint step by step. And we’re talking the perfect joint, man. One that’s backrolled to minimize paper and maximize flavor

Green Poison Strain Review

Green Poison: grown in a pristine, climate controlled and stress free environment using rain water that’s been filtered five times and organic nutrients…