10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Stoners

Because our 2015 gift guide for stoners was a huge success we bring you 10 Christmas gift ideas for stoners featuring the coolest cannabis gifts this year.

Voters in Five States Say Yes to WEED

California and Massachusetts Become 5th and 6th States to Legalize, Regulate, and Tax Marijuana for Adult Use; Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas Become 26th, 27th, and 28th States to Legalize Medical Marijuana

North Dakota Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Voters have approved a ballot initiative to establish a comprehensive medical marijuana program in North Dakota. Measure 5 will allow North Dakota residents suffering from certain qualifying conditions to use medical marijuana.

California Legalizes Marijuana

Tonight Californians voted to legalize marijuana by voting yes on proposition 64 the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. The historic victory heralds a milestone for the marijuana movement at large…

CertoClear Certo Detox Review

The Certo drug test method works—this Certo packet works just as well as the original Certo pectin product, but you can keep this one in your desk in case of an emergency drug test…

George Jung 101

George Jung, aka Boston George smuggled weed in the late 1960s and by the early 80s was responsible for 89 percent of the cocaine smuggled into the US.