Best Vape Pen of the Year for Concentrates

best vape penBest vaporizer pen of 2015?

The highly portable and super discreet vape pen has transformed how stoners get stoned. That’s because they’re small, convenient and easy-to-use in the workplace, the movie theater, the cereal aisle, etc. And a vape pen is virtually odorless. Plus if you score a vape pen that runs on concentrates like BHO, CO2, shatter or any other cannabis extraction that’s out there it’ll pack a big punch in a little package.

Plus like a joint you can operate a vape pen with one hand. Bonus? You don’t even have to light it. Or worry about relighting it or dropping ash all over yourself. Also like a joint you can fill a vape pen with dried herb. We’ve tested a dry herb vaporizer or two. We even made our own dry herb vaporizer. Some are awesome and some not so much. But for the purpose of this post we’re looking to identify the best vaporizer pen for concentrates.

Best vaporizer pen criteria

What was the criteria that we used to pick the best vape pen of the year for concentrates? It all came down to easy of use, durability and discreteness. We wanted to find the best vaporizer pen in terms of being able to pack it quickly, easily and with the least amount of mess. We wanted to make sure that it was built to last and easy to conceal—the hallmarks of a great vape pen.

Sure some vape pens comes with interchangeable tips for flowers, THC e liquids and thick concentrates like the G Pen, Power Pen and the Kandy Pen. However, they all suck for using with flowers. Don’t even go there with one of these things. Even the Atmos vape pen (High Times pen of the year) sucked with flowers. That’s because these cheap vape pens, we mean inexpensive vape pens, burn rather than vaporize flowers. The atomizers on these small vapes work pretty well but they’re not the easiest things to pack and they leak. Plus they burn out quickly. We also tested vape pens with dual coils like the Source Orb, which made our 2015 Vapor Pens Buyer’s Guide. We dug it. It delivered bigger vape clouds and a bit more control over temperature than those cheap vape pens, but ultimately we ran into the same ‘ol problems with it. So for this year’s best vaporizer we were looking for something simple…something almost plug and play.

best vape pen
The O pen style vape is our choice of the best vape pen of the year

Best vape pen of the year is…

So what’s the best vape pen of the year? We gotta go with the O pen. Well, not just the o pen because many companies make this type of product, including our buds at the Harborside Health Center and Dark Heart Nursery. But the O pen seems to be the most well-known maker of this style vape pen. Sure these things are just a battery wand that you attach to a cartridge but they rock. They’re super durable, charge quickly and seem to last forever. We’ve had five or six in rotation for a year now and they’re all still working quite well. The li’l rubber bottom popped off one, but that’s no big. Pro tip: Make THC e liquid at home and fill cartridges yourself to save money.

If you’ve got pain in your hands, problems seeing, don’t like messing with sticky e liquids or thick concentrates the o pen or other vape pens like it, are super easy to use. Just screw on a cartridge and you’re done. Pro tip two: just make sure you remove the cap and both sides of that cartridge. Plus unlike all the effort it takes to clean a bong this style of vape pen is super easy to clean—just wipe with a q-tip and some ISO and you’re done, dude.

Sure there are a ton of awesome vape pens out there that you can fill with all the awesome concentrates available. We dig those too, man. We even tried this new take on a vape pen called the DipStick and dug it. This thing is similar to the Nectar Collector—just insert the tip in your concentrate and inhale it like a straw. But when we’re reaching for a vape pen it’s because we want to get stoned on the go and leave our dab rig at home. Also we’re not looking to carry a separate container of concentrates and continually fill our vape pen either. We just wanna grab the vape pen hit it and quit it. And we found that the o pen style wand and cartridge was the best vape pen for all that. It’s easy to conceal and not going to switch on in your pocket—you’ve gotta inhale to turn it on. They don’t leak, you can quickly swap out cartridges for different flavors on the fly, etc. Like we said the o pen is dope and it’s the best vape pen that we’ve seen all year.

Anyhow this is OUR opinion of the best vape pen of the year…what’s yours? Let us know in the comments below…

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