How to Use Sonne’s 7 To Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana

sonne's 7Sonne’s 7 is a really unique detoxifier. It’s actually all natural and produced from volcanic clay called bentonite. And when used right it’s supposed to scrub any traces of drugs, especially marijuana, from your body and allegedly help you pass a drug test.

PRO TIP: We have heard about killer drug test results from They make these detox pills that deliver a permanent cleanse—eliminating THC from multiple angles.

Sure marijuana is legal in many places for medical and recreational use. However you can still lose your job if you get caught with it or with it in your system. Many employers say they’ll fire you over this because of insurance reasons, but many just look down on pot-smokers and use drug testing as a way to screen out anybody they find less than desirable. That’s why drug testing products are so popular nowadays and why we’re always writing about them. We’ve got lots of friends and followers asking us how to pass a drug test. So we’re always looking for products like Sonne 7 that can help people land or keep their job.

Ever use Sonne 7 to pass drug test? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

We typically suggest using synthetic urine to pass a drug test to those who don’t trust detoxing. We HIGHLY recommend Sub-Solution. Like Sonne’s 7 fake pee Is easy to obtain. But if you have a friend who doesn’t do any drug then you could always ask them for a free urine sample. If you don’t or are a little embarrassed to ask someone for their clean pee fake piss is a perfect solution. Sure there are times when fake pee is not a good option. You might have one of those tests where someone is actually watching you pee. If you find yourself in this situation then a marijuana detox program utilizing Sonnie 7 could be your best bet.

News to us

There are many marijuana detox products available on the market. These products also detox your body of other drugs not just THC. They’re typically available in pill or liquid form and can be purchased online simply or picked up at your local health food store or headshop. You could also go the Sure Gel or Certo drug test method route. We’ve covered that method before and have a lot of comments from stoners who have actually used it to pass their drug test. Anyhow Sonne’s 7 is a liquid detox product. It’s not as popular as the Stinger Drink or The Stuff Detox drink but that didn’t stop us from doing our research and asking our buds about it.

We have not tried Sonne’s 7 yet but have a couple friends or should we say met a couple stoners at the local Oakland grow store who say that they’ve used Sonne’s 7 to pass a marijuana piss test. Actually one of those dudes said that his wife used Sonne’s 7 to pass her drug test.

So naturally we had to do some research on the Sonne 7 detox drug test method to see if what people are saying is true. When we get some time and spare cash we’ll actually purchase some of this stuff and test it out ourselves. Anyhow this all-natural Sonne 7 detox clay is supposed to detoxify your body without side effects.

It’s all about the Bentonite

Bentonite is the key ingredient to Sonne’s 7. But what in the hell is it? Like lava rock Bentonite is a natural clay mineral that’s formed in the extreme heat and pressure of a volcano. You know that ash that covers everything after a volcano erupts? Well that’s basically Bentonite. This stuff gets blown into the sky by volcanic action and then reigns back down on the earth. Because it’s super chock full of minerals it’s great for the soil. In fact it contains about 25 to 35 trace minerals, according to Wikipedia. However when consumed by humans these minerals are not absorbed.

It’s also mined for use in stuff like Sonne’s 7. That’s because volcanic ash aka Bentonite has been used for ages to promote health and well-being. According to “Primitives used to carry with them a ball of bentonite clay, which they would mix with water. They would dip their food into it before eating to prevent upset stomach.”

Apparently the ancient Chinese also used liquefied bentonite to treat stomach issues as well. Also the dude who authored Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Dr. Weston A. Price, concurred that several indigenous groups around the world ate clay regularly to ward off disease and illness. “Those in the Andes, Central Africa and Australia would often carry dried balls of clay in their satchel to be consumed in water before meals — thereby warding off possible toxins or poisoning.”

Modern Research

We’re skeptical of doctors from websites that we’ve never heard of so we kept on digging into this Sonne’s 7 clay detoxifier idea. We found a study by the Arizona State University titled Attacking MRSA with Metals from Antibacterial Clays that found that clay was extremely effective at destroying certain bacteria and keeping the body healthy. Shelley Haydel, a researcher at Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute and associate professor in the School of Life Sciences he says that

“While some natural clays, which have absorptive properties similar to sponges, have been used topically for centuries, scientific studies investigating the antibacterial mechanisms represent a relatively new area of research. With this study, we have demonstrated that the antibacterial activity of these natural clays is not dependent on the physical clay particles, but rather the abiotic, microbicidal activities of specific metal ions desorbed from the clay surface. While we are still working on a mechanism of action studies, determining that specific metal ions influenced antibacterial activity was critical in leading us in the appropriate scientific directions.”

Okay. So back to eating clay. The makers of this Sonne’s 7 stuff don’t just pour some ash in a bottle and call it a day. Ash is dirty, right? So there’s got to be some refinement going on. According to their website they use a special process to remove any dirt or other impurities and concentrate the active detoxifying ingredient called montmorillonite. Now here’s where it gets complicated. So if you’re not into the scientific stuff you might want to skip the next paragraph or two. It’s cool.

This montmorillonite stuff is placed into a colloidal suspension. This helps it to retain its innate negative charge. Because of this powerful negative charge montmorillonite will bind to positively charged substances. You know things like environmental, chemical and metabolic wastes like marijuana. Montmorillonite can adsorb about 40 times its own weight in positively charged substances present in the alimentary canal. Because it has such strong adsorptive properties and is not digested it tightly binds toxic material to be excreted.

This is pretty much how things like certo and sure-gel fruit pectin work at helping people pass a drug test. The metabolites that drug testing labs are looking for in your urine bind to the fruit pectin and pass through your body when you poop rather than through your pee.

There are other bentonite products available on the market. Sonne’s 7 is mixed with purified demineralized water, sterilized and subjected to independent laboratory analysis for heavy metals and microbiology, ensuring a substance suitable for internal use and detoxification. So this is probably the reason why the manufactures are able to claim that Sonne’s 7 deliver no side effects.

Sonne’s 7 also comes packaged in an inert glass bottle instead of a plastic one. Why? Because of its extreme absorption abilities bentonite can actually leach harmful petrochemical from the bottle. Who wants that especially when you’re trying to cleanse your body? So you might want to avoid any product that contains bentonite and is sold in a plastic bottle. Also do not allow the Sonne’s 7 to come in contact with anything metal. So if you’re going to mix it or store it in a glass jar make sure to use a plastic lid NOT a metal one.

sonne 7 reviewsOnline reviews

Sonne’s 7 reviews online are sparse. There’s not a lot of content on the web about using bentonite or Sonne’s 7 to remove toxins and drug metabolites (the stuff they test for) from the system so users can beat a drug test. However while doing our research we came across a few very telling testimonials. They’re pretty helpful so we thought we’d include a mention of them here. The first testimonial comes from SugarMag and was posted in September 2005 who had claimed to have tried the stuff before and then goes on to talk about a friend who uses the stuff from time to time to pass her drug test. The comment left on goes on to say,

“My friend who used to use Sonne’s 7 from time to time told me that it always worked for her. She said she smoked the night before she had to take a test, drank Sonne’s 7 the next day and passed her test on more than one occasion. So, I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been a daily smoker for years, so I quit smoking and tried the stuff for a week and followed the directions exactly (which included drinking this chalky stuff in a lot of warm water every day). Wasn’t so bad.

“Well, at the end of the week I took a home test and came up positive. That made me realize that it’s just a dilution method. My friend probably came up negative after using it the night after she smoked because all the water she had to drink with the Sonne 7 probably diluted her pee. Hope this helps.”

A senior member of the community also left some interesting feedback on using Sonne’s 7 for a drug test. Hawg goes on to say, “I have used Sonne’s no 7 aka Sunny 7 detox many times. I have smoked 2 one hits a night and the night before the test pour an 8 oz glass one third full with Sonne’s and then fill with water and stir do this about 3-4 times and pee as needed, then the day of the test do the same thing again 3-4 times and take a B12 for color and I have always passed using Sonne detox.”

“It is still dilution but hey it works for me and is about 18 bucks a bottle. I generally go with the dilution method now but still drink some Sonne’s a couple of days before the test. I know of one guy that burnt one on the way to work and got hurt first thing and had about 4 hours or less to go and test and he went and got some Sonne’s and drank about a fourth of the bottle and passed. But everyone is different. I have tried and tested Sonne’s 7 and it works for me many times DOT tests and others. Good Luck and let me know if you need anything else.”


So according to these two folks Sonne’s 7 works to help stoners pass a drug test. We’ve always suggested that anyone looking for tips on how to pass a drug test should use synthetic urine. It’s basically foolproof because it’s the same stuff that lab techs use to test and calibrate their equipment. Fake pee is not always a viable because you might be subject to a supervised drug test meaning that someone is actually standing there watching you pee. If you’re confident enough then you can use something like the whizzinator aka a fake penis that expels fake urine or if you’re lucky enough to not have to submit to a supervised drug test you just need to worry about smuggling in your fake piss. Just make sure that you keep it warm. Use a hand warmer taped to you container to keep it warm. Because if you hand over a cold cup of pee you’ll automatically fail your drug test hands-down. Pee comes out of your body warm so test-takers are looking for that.

If you’re down with the detox route and are considering clay then you could try Sonne’s 7. According to our research it seems to work. Make sure to drink plenty of water to avoid constipation. It’s also probably a good idea to combine it with an insoluble fiber source to keep things moving in the colon. Anyhow if you try Sonne’s 7 to pass your piss test please let us know in the comments section below exactly how it worked for you.

Have you ever used Sonne’s 7 to pass a drug test for marijuana? Or have you tried this stuff and failed? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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