Weed Strain Review

LSD-2Marijuana Strain: LSD
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 7/10
Type: Hybrid that leans towards the Indica side
Content: THC 15.12% | CBD .04% | CBG .17%
Genetics: Mazar X Skunk

LSD Strain
LSD Strain

Appearance and Feel: The LSD strain has a great dense look to it. The buds are nice and tight with a wonderful leaf to calyx ratio going on. Quite sticky to the touch, with fiery orange pistils jutting out around lush dark green bud stuff.

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LSD Weed
LSD Genetics: Mazar X Skunk

Smell: This weed has the classic dank bud smell to it. It’s not super overpowering, but there’s a nice skunky, pungent, sweet, and earthy are all descriptors that come to my mind’s eye when I take a whiff.

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LSD Weed Strain
LSD has the classic dank bud smell to it

There’s almost something tropical in there, but I can’t quite put my nose on it.  I had a chance to get the LSD strain analyzed by our friends at the Werc Shop. Click here to see the actual PDF.

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LSD terpene results
LSD terpene results

As you can see by the terpene profile, there wasn’t really a whole lot of content at 11.52 mg / g. The main terpenes are β-Caryophyllene at 4.24 mg / g and β-Myrcene at 3.55 mg / g. The other terpenes showing up over 1% are α-Humulene and D-Limonene.

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LSD tastes great in a joint

Flavor: There’s not really anything super special about how the LSD tastes, just like it smells basically. Good weed. You definitely get more flavor smoking a joint with this stuff than you do out of the bong, but it all depends on if you are smoking for flavor or smoking to get your buzz on.

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LSD Weed Strain is Stuff Stoners Like
LSD weed is Stuff Stoners Like

High: The buzz is where the LSD doesn’t disappoint. A nice subtle onset to a cloud nine head change, depending on your endocannabinoid system and tolerance. Bong rips usually do it for me, and this time was no different.

LSD Cannabis
The buzz is where the LSD doesn’t disappoint

About the time I was loading my second bong load, I got to thinking, what if you could smoke weed named LSD and actually have an LSD trip from it? That would be awesome. Have you ever done LSD, on weed man?

Joints are more laid back, unless you smoke a whole one to your head. Then you might be looking for a couch to crash on. But again, that depends on your endocannabinoid system.

LSD Cannabis Strain
LSD strain

Overall: The LSD strain is a good weed for newer smokers since it has right around 15% THC and a fairly mellow terpene profile. Plus, it’s called LSD, I mean how cool is that? You know LSD is stuff stoners like, and this weed is no different.

It doesn’t have to be top shelf smoke to be good. I would say the LSD is some middle of the road high end good stuff. If you have a chance to check it out, do yourself a favor and take the trip.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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