Stoners Like Cheating on Tests

Oh yeah, stoners love to cheat on tests…are you kidding us? No, man, we’re not talking about cheating on algebra or biology exams. Although, we imagine some stoners’ll cheat on those too. What we’re talking about is, of course, the … Continued

BREAKING NEWS–Global Marijuana March Underway

Today, all over the world people are marching in the name of marijuana! No, no, no…we’re not talking about the march to the refrigerator that stoners take daily at 4:21. We’re talking about a far-reaching annual event where passionate  stoners … Continued

Happy Holidays

No matter your age, race, color, or creed today is our day our day to celebrate weed! Hope you all have a great 420!

Jerry Garcia Biopic Coming Soon

Jerry Garcia Biopic Coming Soon. The guys who brought us Hamlet 2, Little Miss Sunshine, and Election (Albert Berger, Ron Yerxa) are creating a music biopic

Stoners Like Doritos

Here at Suff Stoners Like we aim to please, man. Several stoners have written in touting Doritos as the ultimate stoner munchy. So…who are we not to investigate, right? So we decided to test that theory. And, well it’s true…stoners … Continued

Stoners Like Talking About Times They Were Stoned

It’s really kind of funny, but have you ever noticed how much stoners love talking about the times they were stoned when they’re stoned? Wait…did that come out wrong? It’s like the first thing outta their mouth upon exhaling is, … Continued