AK-47 Strain Review

ak 47 weed is tasty

AK-47 Strain Review

Marijuana Strain: AK-47
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 7/10
Type: Sativa dominant
Content: THC 16.59% | CBD .04% | CBG .41%

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AK-47 Weed
This AK-47 is a sativa dominant strain with 16.59% THC

AK-47 Strain Genetics

Genetics: A mix of four great landraces from all across the world; Colombia X Mexico X Thailand X Afghanistan. However from what I’ve read online the AK 47 strain was born around 1992. It was reworked in 1999 for some seed issues. However, AK 47 is definitely a classic strain that’s always a crowd pleaser.

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AK-47 Weed Strain
AK-47 is a mix of four great landraces: Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani

AK-47 Strain First Glance

Appearance and Feel: This AK-47 phenotype is quite mean looking. It’s got those long, sharp pointy pistils sticking out of a tight dense bud that has lovely trichome coverage. The calyx on this AK 47 weed has a nice light green color to it which really brings out the dark orange pistils.

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AK-47 Strain
AK-47 Strain is definitely a classic strain that’s always a crowd pleaser

AK-47 Weed Smell

Smell: When you break a bud open it has a distinct sharp pungent aroma to it. Sort of spicy and sour, with a background of earthy skunky goodness. This is some smelly good bud. I had a chance to get the AK-47 analyzed by our friends at the Werc Shop. Click here to see the actual PDF.

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AK 47 Terpene Results
AK 47 Terpene Results

As you can tell from the analysis, there’s a moderate amount of terpenes at 15.73 mg / g. The main contributors are β-Caryophyllene at 6.09 mg / g and D-Limonene at 3.85 mg / g. The other terpenes showing up over 1 mg / g are α-Humulene and α-Bisabolol. This combination of terpenes gives this particular AK-47 version a great smell and taste.

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AK-47 has a spicy earthy fragrant taste that keeps on giving

AK-47 Strain Flavor Profile

Flavor: Just like it smells, the AK-47 has a spicy earthy fragrant taste that keeps on giving. Of course I like to see at least 20 mg / g of terpenes in my flowers, but it’s not always easy to attain. You definitely know it when you get some herb that packs the terps in. That’s that shit that smells right through the bag, hell right through the jar even.

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AK-47 marijuana
AK-47 delivers a nice uplifting heady high

AK-47 Effects

High: A nice uplifting heady high, which you would expect from a plant that has three Sativas and one Indica in it’s lineage. This is that weed you can smoke all day on and never get too high.

AK-47 marijuana strain
AK 47 will get you HIGH but not couchlocked

I mean you’ll definitely get high, but you won’t get couch locked and unmotivated like some heavy indicas have a tendency to do. Of course this is all one stoner’s experience, and your mileage will vary. As I like to say, know thyself, and know thy endocannabinoid system.

AK-47 marijuana strain is SSL
AK 47 is cross of three Sativas and one Indica

AK-47 Strain Overall

This AK-47 gets a solid 7 from me on my made up scale for how good a given weed sample is. It has a good smell, looks like fire and has a beautiful taste. I’m a huge fan of how good tasting weed like this accentuates the Danish Export tobacco I smoke.

AK 47 is definitely some STUFF STONERS LIKE

I’ve probably said this before in a review, but I don’t really smoke cigarettes anymore, I just smoke spliffs. The AK-47 strain is definitely some stuff stoners like, whether it’s in a spliff, joint, or out of the bong.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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