BREAKNG NEWS — Smoking Pot Can Save Your Ass

Yep it’s true…there are chemicals in marijuana, cannabinoids, that, according to new research, can put the brakes on colon cancer. Raymond DuBois and his colleagues at the University of Texas have discovered that a key receptor (CB1) for cannabinoids is … Continued

BREAKING NEWS — Cheech and Chong are Back

Forget the Big Lebowski and that lame-ass Pineapple Express. If you want the real deal pot comedy, watch any Cheech and Chong movie. Or just catch them on tour! Yep, the original weed comedy duo Cheech and Chong are back … Continued

BREAKING NEWS — Marijuana possession charge against NFL player dropped

The prosecution has dropped a marijuana possession charge against Houston Texan running back Jameel Cook. [digg=]Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healey said Tuesday there was insufficient evidence to show Cook knew there was marijuana in his car when he … Continued

Cannabis Can Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Cannabis Can Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria It’s been know for a little while that cannabis can fight drug-resistant bacteria. Drug-resistant bacteria are a growing concern for public health. These superbugs are becoming more prevalent and more difficult to treat with traditional … Continued

Stoners Like Tivo

Don’t you just hate distractions? Well, stoners do too, man! When a stoner is high…nothing is more annoying than a knock at the door. Why? Because it might be the cops! Just kiddin’. Well, stoners hate that knock at the … Continued

Stoners Like Blowin’ Smoke Rings

Much like a really hot chick tying a cherry stem into a knot in her mouth, blowing smoke rings is the bar trick de jour in stoner circles. Maybe it was the very stoney hukka-smokin’ caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland … Continued

Stoners Like Calling Everyone Dude

Man, you would totally think that the only people who call everyone “dude” are surfers, Californians or people who watched too many fuckin’ Keanu Reeves movies, right? Well, dude, if you think that…you’d be wrong. Calling people dude is a … Continued