VIDEO-Jay Bueller – Can I Smoke With You

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Check it out…New Music From Jay Bueller; Can I Smoke With You. Free Download available here. We’re gonna drop all your cool vids into this li’l section of our blog and call it, for now, “Stoner Flick … Continued

Stoner Ingenuity

Nothing will keep a STONER from smoking weed. Well, except for the absence of weed

Easy Wake and Bake Oven

The Easy Wake and Bake Oven is certainly NOT a toy…it’s a magical invention created by STONERS

STONER Flick for 9/9/11 – NizKiNgOfHoOkS – Ointment

We’re gonna drop all your cool vids into this li’l section of our blog and call it, for now, “Stoner Flick of the Day” until we’re soooo stoned that we come up with a much better title that kicks-ass on this one. If you’ve got something you want the rest of us STONERS to see, then TWEET us like these dudes did.

Weekly GREEN Thumbs 1

Not only do we smoke weed eryday, we get marijuana pics every day too. And, instead of retweeting ’em, we’d display ’em here for eryone to enjoy . Like we’ll try to get around to this each week. Good? Have … Continued

Stoner Flick of the Day–The Exotic Pet Expo

Okay, we were like 43 seconds into this shit and we already chuckled a couple a times. That’s purty fuckin’ amazing for a Monday morning, man, even if we are hella stoned. So if we laughed, we figured we’d share … Continued

Sharing is Caring

You can create a better future for STONERS by sharing your weed. Sharing is known as “the joint use of resources or space”. We here at STUFF STONERS LIKE wholeheartedly agree with the JOINT part of that definition. Weed is … Continued

Something Light for the Weekend

This pic is absolutely stunning! You ain’t gonna find WEED pictures of this HIGH quality in no National Geographic or on Getty Images and shit. Nope, you’ll only find beautiful STONER-still-life imagery like this if you know the right people. … Continued

God Bless the Cross Joint

The only way this joint would be any more holy is if it were made with actual pages from the Bible. Yeah, man, you didn’t know you could smoke Bible-pages? Yep, they’re usually made from rice or some other smoke-able … Continued