Stoners Like Skittles

Skittles? All stoners love ’em. Yeah, with munchies ragin’ full-on the stoned have been known to eat ’em up by the hand fulls. Why? well, stoners fully endorse Skittles not only because  they’re delicious but because, really…who the hell DOESN’T … Continued

Earth Day Grow Update

Man, these things sure grow like weeds don’t they? So back on Earth Day, April 22, 2009, we dropped 3 clones into soil on behalf of our blog readers and Twitter followers. You might remember that we’re donating all the … Continued

Stoners Like Road Trips

Road trips are pretty cool. But, road trips while stoned are legendary. Being on the open road, the wind in your hair, ashing a bowl right out the window.

BREAKNG NEWS — Smoking Pot Can Save Your Ass

Yep it’s true…there are chemicals in marijuana, cannabinoids, that, according to new research, can put the brakes on colon cancer. Raymond DuBois and his colleagues at the University of Texas have discovered that a key receptor (CB1) for cannabinoids is … Continued

Stoners Like Paraphernalia

People have all sorts of rituals. Stoners are people too. And, they have a lot of rituals. Those rituals usually center around the type of paraphernalia a stoner likes to use to consume cannabis. And if you haven’t noticed, stoners … Continued

Stoners Like Talking About Times They Were Stoned

It’s really kind of funny, but have you ever noticed how much stoners love talking about the times they were stoned when they’re stoned? Wait…did that come out wrong? It’s like the first thing outta their mouth upon exhaling is, … Continued

Stoners Like Reading

Well, aside from the liner notes on Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma album, it’s not widely known what it is that stoners like reading. But we here at Stuff Stoners like H.Q. suspect that anything penned by the legendary Tommy Chong would … Continued

Stoners Like Tivo

Don’t you just hate distractions? Well, stoners do too, man! When a stoner is high…nothing is more annoying than a knock at the door. Why? Because it might be the cops! Just kiddin’. Well, stoners hate that knock at the … Continued

Stoners Like Procrastination

Isn’t it obvious? C’mon people…why else do you think it took us so fucking long to finally post something, eh?

Stoners Like Munchy Runs

Stoners don’t really grocery shop per se, but once the sacred leaf kicks into HIGH gear, you’ll often see a lil’l know phenomenon called a “munchy run” take place. A munchy run is a lot like a beer run; hell … Continued

Stoners Like Starring at Photos of Buds

You know when you walk into a 7-11 to grab a Cherry-Coke Slurpee and some nachos and you over hear some dudes are holding up a magazine letting out a really loud “whoa…look at those”? Well, we bet the first … Continued

How to Make a Honey Bear Bong

You know, it’s not that stoners especially like honey, it’s just that much like McGuyver, stoners are really crafty and have a knack for transforming ordinary household objects into pipes or bongs…things like apples and well, honey bears. It’s almost … Continued

Stoners Like Blowin’ Smoke Rings

Much like a really hot chick tying a cherry stem into a knot in her mouth, blowing smoke rings is the bar trick de jour in stoner circles. Maybe it was the very stoney hukka-smokin’ caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland … Continued

Incense is Stuff Stoners Like

Incense is stuff stoners like because it can cover up the smell of pot smoke in a dorm room faster than you can make microwave popcorn.

Stoners Like Calling Everyone Dude

Man, you would totally think that the only people who call everyone “dude” are surfers, Californians or people who watched too many fuckin’ Keanu Reeves movies, right? Well, dude, if you think that…you’d be wrong. Calling people dude is a … Continued