Stoners Like Skittles

Skittles? All stoners love ’em. Yeah, with munchies ragin’ full-on the stoned have been known to eat ’em up by the hand fulls. Why? well, stoners fully endorse Skittles not only because  they’re delicious but because, really…who the hell DOESN’T … Continued

Stoners Like Hockey

If there’s one thing Stuff STONERS LIKE have in common with Snoop Dogg…it’s a LOVE of HOCKEY

FINALLY a Toy to Practice Smuggling WEED

At first when we got an email from touting their Playmobil–Security Check Point we couldn’t believe it. Then we couldn’t stop laughing as we thought…these motherfuckers have lost their mind! Why the hell would STUFF STONERS LIKE want a … Continued

Back to School at Oaksterdam University

As harvest time approaches, so does the end of summer and that means school is right around the corner. Not everyone hates school, especially those attending Oakland’s increasingly popular Oaksterdam University located in downtown Oakland’s Oaksterdam district. “Oaksterdam University is … Continued

Stoners Like Grocery Shopping

Much like any other outing stoners might experience while stoned, grocery shopping is an adventure. Remember that scene in The Wizard of Oz where everything is all black and white and shit and then all of a sudden everything turns … Continued

Stoners Like Hoodies

It’s true, sometimes stoners will admit to a slight bit of paranoia right after smoking a joint, man. One minute smoking weed in a parking lot behind a Safeway seems like a really good idea and then all of a … Continued

Company to Sell Spray To Make Any Plant Produce THC

Our prayers have been answered and we’re not talking about Legalization. Soon, you’ll be able to smoke a tomato to get stoned. Yep, a few days ago scientists at Montsaint Genie Tech Inc. announced that they have successfully transferred the … Continued

Earth Day Grow Update

Man, these things sure grow like weeds don’t they? So back on Earth Day, April 22, 2009, we dropped 3 clones into soil on behalf of our blog readers and Twitter followers. You might remember that we’re donating all the … Continued

BREAKING NEWS–Global Marijuana March Underway

Today, all over the world people are marching in the name of marijuana! No, no, no…we’re not talking about the march to the refrigerator that stoners take daily at 4:21. We’re talking about a far-reaching annual event where passionate  stoners … Continued

Stoners Like Road Trips

Road trips are pretty cool. But, road trips while stoned are legendary. Being on the open road, the wind in your hair, ashing a bowl right out the window.

Stoners Like Star Trek

If a stoner is stoned enough they’ll just sit there and watch the blinking lights on a fucking Christmas tree, right? Well, that’s precisely why Star Trek is the quintessential stoner TV show, man. It’s filled with blinking lights and … Continued

Stoners Like Taco Bell

So here’s the thing about Taco Bell…they keep their menu super simple…for stoners. Sure they have a ton of “items” listed up on the board at the drive through, but each one of those items consists of the same few … Continued

Jerry Garcia Biopic Coming Soon

Jerry Garcia Biopic Coming Soon. The guys who brought us Hamlet 2, Little Miss Sunshine, and Election (Albert Berger, Ron Yerxa) are creating a music biopic

Stoners Like Paraphernalia

People have all sorts of rituals. Stoners are people too. And, they have a lot of rituals. Those rituals usually center around the type of paraphernalia a stoner likes to use to consume cannabis. And if you haven’t noticed, stoners … Continued

Stoners Like Reading

Well, aside from the liner notes on Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma album, it’s not widely known what it is that stoners like reading. But we here at Stuff Stoners like H.Q. suspect that anything penned by the legendary Tommy Chong would … Continued

The Black Crowes are Stuff Stoners Like

The Black Crowes are stuff stoners like, of course. Why? Because who doesn’t love watching or reading about two rock star brothers killing one another? But, that’s not the point…. We’ve discussed 10 things that stoners like…now let’s talk about … Continued

Stoners Like Blowin’ Smoke Rings

Much like a really hot chick tying a cherry stem into a knot in her mouth, blowing smoke rings is the bar trick de jour in stoner circles. Maybe it was the very stoney hukka-smokin’ caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland … Continued