Frost Pipe Mold Giveaway

To make sure next year is CHILL AF…we are kicking down a Frost Pipe mold on New Year’s Day, yo. It’s easy to enter. Just don’t get STONED and forget.

Win an Ounce of Weed and More

We’ve teamed up with the Steve DeAngelo and Harborside Health Center to celebrate this year’s harvest by giving away a couple ounces of weed…

Win a Beer Bong

We’re not talking about a frat-house funnel beer bong thing. We’re talking ’bout a bong made out of a beer bottle…

Win a Smell-Proof Stash Case

These really cool, lightweight, compact case from Black Rock Originals are made in Colorado and have room for all your on-the-go weed needs…

Rasta Bracelet Giveaway

Same bracelets save lives announcing you’re allergic to some shit that doctors might give you to save your life. And some bracelets like these, announce a deep appreciate for pot…

Hello Kitty Bong Giveaway

We’ll pick a random winner for the Hello Kitty bong at 4:20 pm West Coast time on Aug 14. And our buds at AliBongo will send out your winnings…

Win An Ounce of Weed and More

To celebrate Harborside’s new opening we’re giving away a ton of great stuff stoners like including an ounce of weed, an eight of super top shelf bud and more…

The Kitchen Grow Book Giveaway

This probably best-looking and the biggest weed book (we’re talking hella big—like over-sized, coffee-table-book big) that we’ve ever encountered…

Win a Frost Pipe

Summertime and the living is stoney—just imagine showing up at the next BBQ with a cooler of beer and frozen pipes

Win Autoflowering Seeds

We’re kicking down 5 Heavyweight Fast & Vast autoflowering feminised beans from Herbies Seeds on June 22 at 4:20 PST.

Yoda Bong Giveaway

This ceramic Master Yoda Bong from our buds Ali Bongo would make a great addition to your Star Wars bong collection, it would…

SMOKE By Meili Cady Giveaway

How a Small-Town Girl Accidentally Wound Up Smuggling 7,000 Pounds of Marijuana with the Pot Princess of Beverly Hills…

Rosin Rorshach Contest

Take the Rosin Roshach Test & you could win a prize pack from Dr. Dabber including a vape pen & glass percolator attachment…


STONER GIVEAWAY ALERT!! Never search for your lighter again, dude because we’re kicking down this cool clipable lighter holder from Screwpop—no hoodie is complete without one…

I Inhaled Review & Giveaway

I Inhaled—can’t say it any clearer, boasts activist, attorney and ex-Gene Simmons band-mate Alan Stuart Graf in his new book. “Bill Clinton was ashamed and I am proud of the fact. Pot and psychedelics changed my life for the better.”


From Star Trek to Snowboarding, Cheech and Chong to Cheetohs, Dabs to Doug Benson the PToSSL features everything that’s integral to the STONER universe—and it’s now available as a limited edition, GLOW-IN-THE-DARK POSTER…

Power Pen Giveaway

Giveaway ends 12/5 at 4:20 PST.
Unlike sparking a bowl at the gas station you can hit the Power Pen while filling up your car and not explode. That’s because there’s no combustion and where there’s no combustion there’s no carcinogens.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Contest

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Contest We’re giving away 25 autoflowering cannabis seeds courtesy of our sponsor Rhino Seeds. All you have to do to win is subscribe to our newsletter (in the side column) then leave a comment below. We’ll choose … Continued

Magical Butter Machine Giveaway

UPDATE—CONTEST IS OVER…but stay tuned for another Magical Butter Machine giveaway soon! Marijuana’s expensive. You don’t want to burn up your bud making some cannabutter, do you? Luckily, this Magical Butter machine is stoner-proof. Measure your ingredients, dump ’em in, … Continued

Aquamizer Vaporizer Bubbler Attachment Giveaway

With the Aquamizer vape pen bubbler attachment you can take huge milky vape hits that’ll get ya hella high without burning your throat all to hell. And really that’s the big problem with vape pens nowadays, right? Manufacturers have finally … Continued