Ex-DEA Admins Urge Obama to Sue if CA Legalizes WEED

Nobody, not even Californians, medical marijuana patients, activists, stoners and especially nine former administrators of the DEA can agree on Proposition 19, the Tax and Regulate Cannabis Initiative that’ll appear on California ballots on November 2nd, 2010 that looks to … Continued

Sarah Palin is Sorta Pro Pot

“If somebody’s going to smoke a joint in their house and not do anybody any harm, then perhaps there are other things our cops should be looking at to engage in and try to clean up some of the other … Continued

Oakland to License and Tax Indoor Marijuana Grows

Last year, dispensary owners in Oakland, California made history when they voluntarily increased the rate of taxation on the sale of medical marijuana. Now two Oakland council members are looking to make history again, by introducing legislation that would license … Continued

Obama Against Legalizing Pot

Yesterday President Obama and his administration released a new National Drug Control Strategy that completely opposes the legalization of marijuana. This might pose future problems if California legalizes marijuana this November. What’s going to happen if California grants every adult … Continued

Canada Extradites Prince of Pot Marc Emery

Self-proclaimed “Great Canadian”, marijuana activist and hero, president of the B.C. Marijuana Party, and Vancouver Canucks fan, Marc Emery, turned himself in this morning for extradition to the United States and a five year prison sentence for selling marijuana seeds … Continued

All Moms Medicating With Marijuana

Today is Mother’s Day, a damn Hallmark Holiday, but nonetheless a day to remember and acknowledge all those who have mothered and continue to do so every fucking day. Specifically, we should give huge praise and encouragement to all those … Continued

Why MLK is Important to the Marijuana Movement

Stuff Stoners Like takes activism seriously. Sure, we’re a bunch of stoners and we LOVE to smoke weed, but that doesn’t mean we’re ignorant. In fact, we’re students of history. And, we think in order to effectively fight the war … Continued

BREAKING NEWS–CA Bomb Squad Detonate a Bong

Wow…this War on Drugs stuff is starting to get really serious! So serious, in fact, that Richmond California brought out the bong bomb eradication squad last night…and actually exploded a bong! That poor defenseless bong never stood a chance! Apparently, … Continued

Stoners Don’t Like the Keytar

There’s absolutely no way to NOT look like an asshole while playing a keytar. What the fuck is a keytar you ask? Well we’ll tell ya…it’s an instrument that’ll make you look like an asshole just by looking at it. … Continued

Stoners Like Doing People Favors

krisrivera: @stoner_stuff don’t forget Cheetos! Man, if u want us to pick up some Cheetos for you (again) your gonna have to say please. krisrivera @stoner_stuff pretty please with cherry icee on top. eh, we’re gonna let Jules take this … Continued


Stuff Stoners Like are happy to inspire you with what will go down in history as the greatest bastardized speech turned blog post for marijuana legalization in the history of our great nation. Many fucking years ago, a great American, … Continued


YES WE CANNABIS! Today kicks off the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law’s 38th Annual Nation Conference in San Francisco. The event will be filled with folks from NORML over 500 policy activists, medical patients, cultivators, doctors, politicians, … Continued

Stoners Like Everyone Poops

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi A book review by Stuff Stoners Like People often turn to books to take a closer look at issues that are important to them. Everyone, including stoners, want a book that relates to their own … Continued


Now that we have your attention, it’s true…Marie Myung-Ok Lee pushes marijuana on her 9-year-old son. She feeds the li’l guy weed-laced tea and cookies. Why, you ask? “Because he can’t figure out how to use a bong.” Marie Myung-Ok … Continued

Stoners Don’t Like Matches

Matches are for suckers or for people who don’t have lighters. Why? Because they suck..that’s why. Have you ever tried to spark up a fat bowl with a match? Oh you did…did you? Well, how many times did those matches … Continued

Stoners Don’t Like Senseless Violence

You know when Pete Townshend would get all mad at his Rickenbacker and smash it into a million little pieces all over the stage and you’d say to yourself, “Shit, Pete, man…why don’t you just give that fucking beautiful geetar … Continued

Stoners Don’t Like Kids

Sure, they’re cuddly and cute when they aren’t all covered in grape jelly, or snot, or afterbirth. It’s not that stoners don’t dig kids… it’s just that kids ruin everything and they’re just such buzzkills. Just imagine how fucking awesome … Continued

MarijuanaBlogues #2

It’s surreal, thought Sayten, to just hop in the car with a bit of cash in his pocket and drive a few blocks to a cannabis dispensary. It’s Good Friday, he thought and then chuckled when he corrected himself…Good Weed … Continued

MarijuanaBlogues #1

Damn, Sayten thought to himself. Feeling crushed, he tossed his precious ipodphone on the bed, letting out a sigh. His last few texts for weed going unnoticed by Jowi. Ever since the day behind San Francisco’s Warfield theater when Pantera’s … Continued