Alchemy Vaporizer Pen Review

After cornering the Nor Cal clone market Dark Heart Nursery launched a brand new company and a whole new approach to the vaporizer pen…

White Widow Weed Review

Check out this video review of White Widow, a classic strain originating in the early 90s in Amsterdam, from out buds over at the UptownGrowLab.

AK-47 Strain Review

AK-47 is a sativa dominant mix of four landraces: Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani. This sample had a ton of terpenes and 16.59% THC

Pineapple Express Review

It’s so good they make movies ’bout this popular Pineapple Express Strain. Check out Mat’s take on Pineapple Express weed. Does it live up to it’s name?

Phoenician Weed Grinder Review

Not all weed grinders are the same, dude. Put away that homemade weed grinder and up your game with a Phoenician weed grinder

LSD Strain Review

LSD has a great dense look to it. The buds are nice and tight with a wonderful leaf to calyx ratio. Sticky to the touch, with fiery orange pistils.

Snow Monster Strain Review

New to the whole sport of getting stoned? Take it easy on the Snow Monster strain. If not you’ll most definitely want to keep her under your bed

Bettie Page Strain Review

What are the elusive Bettie Page strain’s genetics? We’ll they’re some sort of Ruderalis X some sort of Indica of course…

Bio-Diesel Rosin Review

Rosin allows anyone to create concentrates without employing explosives like butane. But just how good is commercial-grade rosin?

Vaportech Trifecta Vape Pen Review

Looking for a vape pen for concentrates? How about a wax pen? Maybe you need a dry herb vaporizer? Well the Trifecta 3-in-1 vape pen has got you covered.

Dr. Who Marijuana Strain Review

Dr. Who does not disappoint. It’s got a tight calyx wrapped with trichomes and dotted with some fiercely dark reddish pistils…

Atmos Vaporizer Review

Is the Atmos vaporizer stuff stoners like? To find out we put the Atmos vaporizer to the test with full met hash, shatter, crumble and other concentrates…

Allen Wrench Strain Review

Allen Wrench, a cross between New York Diesel X Trainwreck, from Growers Outlet is completely covered in frosty trichome goodness…

Dutchberry Strain Review

This Dutchberry (Dutch Treat X Blueberry) from Growers Outlet clocked in at a whopping 20 percent THC—but is it stuff stoners like?

Chocolate Chunk Strain Review and Info

Weed that smells like chocolate? Now that’s definitely stuff stoners like. This Chocolate Chunk sample has a particular earthy musk to its chocolatey aroma

Green Crack Strain Review and Info

Story goes that Snoop Dogg named this strain Green Crack because it kept making people want to go back for more—no matter how high they got…

Super Silver Haze Strain Review

This strain’s the lovechild of all the killer strains you’ve read about—it’s hazy, from the north, full of light skunky ancestry and has won many many Cannabis Cups…

Golden Pineapple Strain Review

Once Golden Pineapple goes in the grinder the piney smell is overwhelming—outlined with familiar citrus and tropical smells. Stuff stoners like indeed.

Stardawg Strain Review

This Stardawg is some top shelf recreational cannabis for sure. It smells earthy and pungent and tastes spicy and piney with diesel on the exhale…

Plushberry Strain Review

These spongy sexy buds are sticky and covered in lovely trichome growth over a background of dark green and purple good stuff…

Blackberry Pie Strain Review

According to our in-house weed-reviewer this Blackberry Pie is definitely some soothing, calming, “make-the-pain-go-away-on-a-rainy-day” weed…

Phantom Cherry Pie Strain Review

For the more bold among us, take a couple bong rips of this Phantom Cherry Pie then make sure you have a spot to sit the glass down at—also your ass…

Blue Magoo Weed Review

Mat Lee dives into another eighth of Blue Magoo—a cross of Dj Short’s legendary Blueberry and some Major League Bud. Tasty…

EZpiece is Stuff Stoners Like

Great for pot smoking in a pinch. Jam this thing into something like an apple, a can or a honey bear add weed and instantly transform it into a pot pipe…

Chem Scout Strain Review

This Harborside “Reserve” strain is a perfect blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Chem 91 with the strength that exceeds both parents

OG Kush Strain Review with Pics

This is an OG Kush for all the OG Kush fans out there, complete with a great taste and a less filling attitude—it looks killer and smells even better

LIT Enail Review

Mat says this freaking Lit E-nail is so dope that it’s basically the stoner version of sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to ’em for globs sake…

Animal Cookies Strain Review

This Indica Dominant Hybrid with 21.9% THC is Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Fire OG. It was harvested on 3/30/15 and by Grow Op Farm….

Space Queen Strain Review

Begin your journey to slay the dragon heavy metal style with the mighty Space Queen—Romulan X Cinderella 99 from the British Columbia Growers Association

Bubba Kush Strain Review

Phat Panda’s Bubba Kush (OG Kush X West Coast Dog &d Old World Kush) is a trichome winter wonderland of stoney goodness…

Deep Purple Kush Strain Review

Dig heavy, dense and grapey weed? Deep Purple Kush, most likely a Purple Urkle and Querkle cross, delivers a dense sweet and spicy berry taste…

Barbara Bud Strain Review

This strain was allegedly created on Canada’s Vancouver Island—apparently Barbara Bud gets its name from former CBC radio host Barbara Budd…

Grapefruit Kush Strain Review

Be easy with the bong rips if you have sensitive lungs, this Grapefruit Kush can definitely put you on the floor, man…

AK48 Strain Review

This bud is beautiful—3.5 grams of punchy potent stuff stoners like. More dense than spongy, and so sticky you might want to wear gloves…

Island Sweet Skunk Strain Review

Island Sweet Skunk by the good farmers at Two Heads Company is another one of those great strains to pull out when friends are over…

Grunk Strain Review

Mat Lee says about this Grape Ape X Skunk #1 variety: “I fucking love this smell—If they made a Grunk flavored cologne or perfume, I would hose my ginger fire princess down with it every night.”

Headband Strain Review

Kushy and diesel with a spicy lemon backdrop—Headband grown by Noble Farms is on point as far as kush diesel strains go…

Pink Pez Strain Review

This strain smells like Pez, but a little more sour and spicy—really awesome. It’s like sour Pez candy that you can smoke…

Juicy Fruit Strain Review

Juicy Fruit has smells like the gum of it’s namesake. You can’t really smell it until you crack a bud open, but the aroma in the bag is sweet and earthy…