LA Confidential Weed Review

This LA Confidential Weed aka LA weed or the LA Con strain is Indica dominant delivering a near-psychedelic high says Mat Lee.

Double Dream Strain Review

The Double Dream strain (sometimes called Double Blue Dream) is double sticky, and looks like some good ass weed for sure with a nice covering of trichomes…

Chewy Grinder Review

Talk about stuff stoners like. The Chewy Grinder takes all the hassle out of grinding weed. But does it actually work and if so how well? SSL’s Mat Lee reports.

CertoClear Certo Detox Review

The Certo drug test method works—this Certo packet works just as well as the original Certo pectin product, but you can keep this one in your desk in case of an emergency drug test…

Orange Fruity Pebbles Weed Strain Review

Mat Lee—The Forbidden Farms Orange Fruity Pebbles is off the charts in it’s buzz factor and completely on point with it’s flavor—serious stuff stoners like.

Narnia Marijuana Strain Review

Tasting like Turkish Delight, the Narnia marijuana strain is either a Jack Herer X Trainwreck cross or of OG Kush lineage. Either way it’s some tasty and stoney stuff stoners like…

ZEUS Thunder 2 Vaporizer Pen Review

One of the pens we’ve been testing lately is the Zeus Thunder 2 the latest wax vape pen by the guys from Vaporizera. How does it perform you ask?

Puffco Plus Vape Pen Review

Say goodbye to metal coils and wiry wicks—the Puffco Plus utilizes an innovative ceramic bowl that leverages conduction and convection to deliver big ol’ tasty hits with style…

Stinger Drink Review

We dig teaching people how to pass a drug test for marijuana and reviewing products like detox drinks and synthetic urine. Today we tried Stinger Drink. Did it work?

Gorilla Glue 4 Strain Review

Gorilla Glue #4, the first weed strain with it’s own website, is a dank cross between Sour Dubb X Chem Sister X Chocolate Diesel, but is it Stuff Stoners Like…

Fucking Incredible Strain Review

The Fucking Incredible strain probably has the coolest strain name ever. However is Fucking Incredible a strain that lives up to it’s fucking awesome name?

SourceVapes Nail Review

Mat Lee, our super stoner scribe, test drives the new SourceVapes enail. “This thing has everything you need to go mobile, and I mean everything,” he says…

UPass Synthetic Urine Review

It’s U Pass Synthetic Urine as in You Pass Synthetic Urine not UP ASS Synthetic Urine…how stoned are you, man???

Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Review

Magnum Detox is a brand of synthetic urine with reviews that are all over the place—not good when the only thing between you and a dream job is clean piss…

Boat Marijuana Strain Review

Boat is not true Maui Waui, but has a very similar terpene profile as the real deal. Probably the closest thing you’ll find to actual Maui Waui in the PNW…

LSD Strain Review

This LSD marijuana smells like some good ass weed, and that’s basically all you need to know, says our super stoner scribe Mat Lee—but that shouldn’t stop you from reading this shit, yo…

Cheese Strain Review

According to the internet, the Cheese strain, aka UK Cheese strain, came from the UK back in the late 80s and has been cloned from here to kingdom come…

Romulan Strain Review

Romulan, a cross of North American Indica and White Rhino, is one of those funny legendary strains where the exact lineage is unknown. Is it Stuff Stoners Like?

Kali Mist Strain Review

Stoner scribe Mat Lee tests the Kali Mist strain. Kali Mist weed has been around and won a tons, but Is this Cali Mist stuff really stuff stoners like?

UW Marijuana Strain Review

Legend has it that this super powered strain was stolen or leaked out from a particular university in the pacific northwest. Betcha can’t guess which one?

Green Poison Strain Review

Green Poison: grown in a pristine, climate controlled and stress free environment using rain water that’s been filtered five times and organic nutrients…

King Tut Strain Review

This aptly-named strain is derived from AK-47 and is supposed to be fit for Pharaoh. Does Mat (The King of Stoner Scribes) Lee think it’s STUFF STONERS LIKE???

Dixie Elixirs Peach Iced Tea Review

Our buds over at the Harborside Health Center in Oakland asked us to review some Dixie Elixirs Peach Iced Tea with 200 mg of THC. Was it stuff stoners like?

Chemdawg Strain Review

The legendary Chemdawg aka Chemdog or Chem Dog goes by many names—but however you spell it the Chemdawg strain is definitely Stuff Stoners Like…

Source Orb XL Wax Pen Review

Looking for a dope portable wax pen? Mat Lee tested out the Orb XL wax pen that’ll hold a full gram of wax, features a Titanium Quartz Triple Coil and a 30w battery

Portable Charger Review

A portable charger review on SSL? If you’re a real stoner you don’t want your vape pen to run out of juice on the go do ya…

Altai Artisanal Edibles Review

If you’re tired of weed brownies here’s something for ya. We tested some super high-end, low-dose artisanal edibles from a company called Altai…

Protect Your Pipe With a MadToto Case

Scored a glass pipe, christened that pipe w/a fresh bowl, gave it a cool name like Wesley Pipes then realized it’s vulnerable to breakage? Fear not…